Car crash with Anne Heche: ‘Horrifying’ new details of actress crash

An eyewitness to a life-threatening car crash in Los Angeles, Anne Heche, shared new details of the accident with Fox News Digital today.

A witness, Lynn Bernstein, described the accident as “terrible” and said he was “barely breathing” as he tried to help Heche get out of the blue Mini Cooper she was driving.

“The smoke was getting too intense, we could barely breathe,” Bernstein said. “The smoke made it hard to see.”

Bernstein said he and his wife witnessed a car drive down their street at “high speed” before his wife heard Heche’s car crash into their neighbors’ house.

Bernstein noted that his neighbor Dave asked Heche if she was okay, and she said she wasn’t. The Los Angeles Fire Department arrived on the scene, asked the neighbors if anyone was in the house, and they alerted rescuers that a woman was inside.

The resident of the house came out of her house from the side room and was “shocked” by what had happened. “Get out of my house,” the tenant told a group of people outside her house before she realized the car had crashed into her house.

Dave took the tenant’s two dogs into his home. Bernstein noted that the tenant was “in perfect order, thank God” after the explosion.

Bernstein shared with Fox News Digital that Heche was “conscious” but he didn’t know how “consistent” she was after the accident.

On Friday, Heche crashed into a house in Mar Vista, California, starting a fire and was taken to the hospital in critical condition, according to firefighters.

The resident was at the time of the accident in the house and escaped injury. However, Heche suffered burns and was “conscious and breathing” when she was placed on the stretcher.

The second witness spoke to Fox News Digital near the homeowner’s home, where damage from the accident is clearly visible.

The accident “scared the entire neighborhood,” Yaroslav Borets told Fox News Digital. “Something we’ll remember for a long time.” The wrestler noted that his area “is not the area that knows everyone in the neighborhood.”

“In general, this is a safe place,” he said, explaining that this kind of accident does not happen often in the Mar Vista area.

Brian Humphrey, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department, told Fox News Digital that the man involved in the accidents was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The Los Angeles Fire Department released a statement that there was one person in the vehicle when it crashed into a two-story home built in 1952.

“It took 59 firefighters 65 minutes to access, contain and completely extinguish a persistent flame in a severely damaged structure and rescue one adult woman found in a vehicle who was taken to a local hospital by LAFD paramedics in critical condition,” it said in a statement. message. statement said.

No other injuries were reported and the cause of the crash is under investigation, FOX 11 reported.

This story originally appeared on Page six and is published here with permission.

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