Cardi B Attacks Cuban Doll Over Past Cheating Scandal Offset

Cardi B brought her old ways into New Years after re-igniting her beef with rapper Cuban Doll due to Offset’s cheating husband scandals in 2018.

In accordance with TMZthe skirmish began on Saturday when the Cuban doll seemingly shot at Cardi B that she was still marrying him, knowing that he could cheat on her again. “I pray that a man won’t marry me just to cheat on me … that’s the next level of DISRESPECT,” Cuban Doll tweeted in an already deleted tweet.


As the relationship between the two rappers escalated, Cardi accused Cuban of lying about whether she knew Offset wanted to have a threesome with Cuban’s friend back in 2018.

“At first you said that the girl is no longer your friend, then everything turned into the fact that he was fucking her, and now he was trying to fuck with you? You can’t even keep up with your lies. Show me the receipts. You started it, but you ask me, what does it prove? Honey, you need this moment, not me, “- wrote Cardi B on Twitter.

Cuban had previously denied the claims when approached by TMZ shortly after the alleged Offset scam became known, but now says she was paid to clear Offset’s name.

“Girl, you know I was paid to clear his name,” Cuban tweeted in an already deleted tweet.


Leaked footage shows Offset hiding his phone from Cardi B as the rapper files for divorce

In the end, Cardi B was fed up with the hated Twitter war and decided to delete the toxic tweets and focus on protecting her brand, but not before delivering the final blow to her enemy. “Deleting these tweets … is bad for business and I no longer help those in need. I want to apologize to my fans. I know you all get upset when I pay attention to germs. “

What Really Happened to Cardi B and Offset’s relationship in 2018?

A few months after Cardi B gave birth to her first child, Kulture, with Offset, leaked text message screenshots revealed that her husband allegedly tried to have a threesome with Kubina and another woman while Cardi B was pregnant.

Soon after, Cardi announced that the couple broke up

“I’ve been trying to mend my relationship with my baby’s father in a hot minute, and we’re really good friends. You know, we are very good business partners, and I always run to him to talk, and we love each other very much, but nothing has worked out between us for a long time, and it’s no one to blame, ”she said in the video.

“We probably grew out of love, but we are no longer together. It will take a long time to divorce and I will always love him because he is the father of my daughter. “


Offset admits he “missed ex-wife Cardi B when he bought her a billboard for her birthday.”

December 2018 Offset publicly pleaded with Cardi to bring him back

“I have only one wish for my birthday – to get my wife back. Cardi, we’re going through a lot right now … I want to apologize to you Cardi … I want to spend the rest of my life with you, ”he said in a video posted on Instagram.

The couple reunited and went public with their romance during Cardi B’s 28th birthday celebrations in November 2020, shortly after she officially filed for divorce.

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