Career director Will Biles named his favorite horror movies and how they inspired the game

Naturally, The Quarry is full of gore, horror, and gore, including a scene where one of the counselors uses a chainsaw to amputate the other counselor’s arm. A scene like this could only point to Evil Dead franchise anti-hero Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), who used a chainsaw to chop off his possessed arm in director Sam Raimi’s classic 1987 horror film The Evil Dead 2. Biles said it was no accident.

Evil Dead 2 is probably my favorite [horror film]Biles said to Looper. I love Evil Dead, but Evil Dead 2 has a bigger budget. This is genius. I really, really admire Sam Raimi. He is an incredible director.”

Biles added that another of his all-time favorite horror films is screenwriter John Landis’ 1981 horror film An American Werewolf in London.

“There are several references to this in The Career. BUT [college rejection] letter in game from Landis University. [‘An American Werewolf in London’ is] brilliant film and we paid tribute to a lot of that, including the musical style of the game,” Biles said. “We used a lot [Landis’ style of] a ridiculous, slightly weird-feeling juxtaposition with light, foamy music and really nasty horror. It was very important that we go down this path.”

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