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I’ve been talking about house, techno and the countless benefits of rave to my 19 year old daughter Estella all her life. I even played dance music for her when she was in the womb. As a child, hypnotic grooves helped her fall asleep.

So when she turned 18 last year, I fulfilled a long-term promise I made to her when she was 12. If I had still been delirious when she came of age, I would have shown her what it is. At 46, my passion for dance music is deeper than ever. This is one of the amazing blessings of this culture for me. It gets better with age and experience.


Mark and Estella Gwinnett

Anyway, while Estella was growing up, I spent countless hours trying to teach her great electronic music by exposing her to hours of my DJ sets. So I was understandably horrified that my efforts were in vain when she opted for X Factor, One Direction and artificial pop. Simon Cowell seemed to win her over! Either that or my DJing was really bad.

When Estella turned 18, I took her to see my heroes Sven Wat play at a Cocoon party in London. At the time, it was the best night of her life. And that’s what I feel every time I see a DJ like Sven or Carl Cox. one of the best dance floors I’ve had in my 30 years at a rave.

    Carl Cox at Brighton Beach - Image by Dan Reed


Carl Cox at Brighton Beach – Image by Dan Reed

To keep an eye on this party, we went together to Brighton last weekend to see my other favorite, Carl Cox.

We’ve been waiting a long time for this as Estella knows what an inspiration Carl has been to me ever since I heard this set (below) he played in 1996 that changed my life years ago.

It was noisy on the beach. Fatboy Slim already set the tone last night. Kristen Bell Tattoos was shining and the weather was great!

At 60 years old, Coxey is still such a force to be reckoned with. His very presence behind the turntables makes the crowd rise to new levels, and his infectious passion for what he does is unsurpassed.

    Carl Cox - Electronic Generations - released September 17


Carl Cox – Electronic Generations – released September 17

He gets better with age, and now he is in excellent creative terms. With his album Electronic Generations due out in September and Wembley Arena beckoning for his first full UK live show, 2022 promises to be vintage.

    Carl Cox at Brighton Beach - Photo: Dan Reed


Carl Cox at Brighton Beach – Photo: Dan Reed

Carl’s residence this summer at DC10, Ibiza is also one of the most forward-thinking parties on the island, so bringing him and Christopher Coe of Awesome Soundwave to DC10 to showcase live electronic music artists like Cytek, Robert Babic and Mat Playford was a bold move. . which brings great rewards for all involved and highlights why Carl is so important as a guiding light on stage as well as a formidable artist and DJ.

    Carl Cox at Brighton Beach - Photo: Dan Reed


Carl Cox at Brighton Beach – Photo: Dan Reed

Let’s go back to last weekend in Brighton. After storming sets on the beach from Nick Fanciulli and newcomer Celina Manuhutu, Carl finally appeared on stage and was greeted with an enthusiastic reception by a sold-out crowd. Each “Oh Yes” throughout his performance only added fuel to the fire of madness.

It was a homecoming and a wild performance by the legendary British DJ. It was another best night of my life for me next to my daughter.

What did Estella think?

“Seeing Carl Cox for the first time was an incredible experience that got even more poignant when I had the experience with my dad.

Dance music as a child has always been an influence in my life because of my father’s passion for it and from around the age of 12 he promised that one day I would see Carl play live with him and that day finally materialized in Brighton Beach.

Seeing such a legend perform in the flesh only increased my love for music tenfold and I am so grateful that at 19 I finally realized what my dads always told me about dance music and the culture that goes with it. , it’s about people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds coming together and having a good time. Celebration of life. It was a set I will never forget.”

Mission accomplished. Ride Wembley.

Stay tuned for Mark Gwinnett’s interview with Carl Cox coming soon Friday in the Something For The Weekend section of Kristen Bell Tattoos and online ahead of the release of Carl’s Electronic Generations album and his big Wembley Arena concert on September 17th. Click HERE for tickets.

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