Carrie Ann Moss’s biggest role (outside the Matrix movies)

Carrie Ann Moss First gained fame with his character. Trinity. I Matrix The series, which has been running for twenty years now. After playing the role in many different moments of her life, Kerry has become one with the Trinity, and there is no doubt that she loves movies.

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However, justifying his incredible career would be a big mistake. Matrix. Although those films were his breakthrough and what made him famous, he has participated in many other amazing projects since then. Let’s take a look at the most important.


In the year 2000, Carrie Ann Moss worked in one. Of Christopher Nolan. Very popular and breathtaking movies. Memorable. Commercially and critically, it was a huge success, mostly because of its charming but easy-to-follow non-fiction. It’s full of plot twists and deep reflections, and of course, it’s got a great cast. Guy Pierce played the lead role, played by Leonard Shelby, a man who went through a severe trauma that ended with the loss of his wife, and as a result, severe memory loss. Is hunting Although he is unable to retain the information, he is still seeking revenge. Carrie Ann Moss plays Natalie, a waitress who uses Leonard’s memory problems to get rid of her boyfriend’s boss who was threatening her.


Of Chocolate The cast is one of the biggest stars in the show business, so its success was not surprising. In addition to Carrie Ann, the film also stars Johnny Depp, Juliet Benoit, and Judy Dench. The film follows the life of Juliet’s character Wayne Rocher, a chocolateist who moves with her daughter to a small town in France and opens a chocolate shop.

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As a modern single mother, Vienna doesn’t fit in with the rest of the village at first, but her house is with Armande (played by Judy) and helps her. As a result, she helps reconnect with her daughter Caroline (Kerry’s character), who doesn’t think she has a good effect on her son.


In the thrilling 2007 film. Disturbia, Carrie Ann plays Julie Brecht, Black Brackett’s mother, a troubled teenager who is devastated by her father’s death. In his grief, he creates problems in his school and attacks a teacher. Her sentence of house arrest ended, and to punish her, her mother cut off her internet and cable. Because of this, he entertains himself by talking to his neighbor, and the two start spying on the other neighbor after receiving hints that he is a serial killer.

‘Silent Hill: Revealed’

Silent Hill: Disclosure. A video game is a movie adaptation. Silent Hill 3. Which came out in 2012. It is a sequel to the 2006 film Silent Hill, and it stars Carrie Ann Moss, Adelaide Clemens, Martin Donovan, Sean Bean, and Deborah Kara Unger. Kerry is also Claudia Wolf, a priest of the Order of Waltell, and a central opponent. She has Christopher da Silva, who has spent many years fleeing with his daughter Sharon, to get her to a quiet hill.

‘Fireflies in the garden’

I Fireflies in the garden., Kerry worked with two incredible Hollywood superstars: Julia Roberts. And Ryan Reynolds, the film premiered at the 2008 Berlin International Film Festival, and while it had a lot of publicity and an amazing cast, the reviews weren’t great. However, it was a big role for him.

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Ryan’s role in the film is Michael’s strained relationship with his father Charles. They were both in critical condition when Charles and his wife, Lisa, were killed in a car accident. Of course, the whole situation is very stressful in the family. Kerry plays Michael’s ex-wife, Kelly, who was an alcoholic, and who reconnects with him at the funeral. This dysfunctional relationship only makes the father-son relationship more difficult.


“Whether it’s the vast battles of Gladiatorial or the pursuit of a chariot in a burning city, Anderson directs with accuracy, rhythm and ruthlessness – he has eyes and ears for violence, for the visual effects of murder.” Reads vulture Overview Of the movie Pompeii. “Her best effort is to create action sequences in which you think anything can happen, even though you usually know how she’s going to turn out. And the movies I’ve seen in Pompeii over the last year Even superheroes are more interesting than movies. ”

Pompeii Is a historical drama directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, set in Pompeii in 79 AD, and focuses on the lives of gladiators. Of course it ends with the tragedy that was to erupt the volcano. Kerry played Aurelia, the wife of Governor Severus.

‘Jessica Jones’

Obviously, there have been many important roles in Kerry’s life, but the portrayal of Jerry Hogarth MiracleOf Jessica Jones Takes the cake. Jerry is an expert lawyer who makes a good ally. Jessica Jones, But a little hungry for power itself. Unfortunately, she has been diagnosed with ALS. She appeared on the show from 2015 to 2019, and impressed the audience.

“I like to play with her. She’s fun, she’s manipulative, and she’s very tough. “She is OK. She had fun. I loved playing her.” Kerry said.. “I wanted to be a part of this whole show. Dealing with the disease she’s struggling with, and the one that brings her, like someone who was painful to watch. I have moments working on it. There will be, where I really have to get away from it. ”

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