Carrie Bickmore’s partner Chris Walker dodged a bullet after accidentally exposing himself

Chris Walker, longtime partner of Carrie Bickmore, learned of his fate after inadvertently exposing himself to his ABC co-stars in an embarrassing Skype gaffe.

Partner Carrie Bickmore escaped disciplinary action after accidentally coming out to ABC colleagues in a botched Skype scam last month.

Chris Walker, comedy show executive producer Weeklystarring Charlie Pickering, stripped naked in front of stunned colleagues after he thought he had left a May 17 videoconference.

Up to nine employees caught the gaffe, which reportedly saw Walker completely naked for between 40 seconds and two minutes.

The workers were offered “consultation” to deal with the shock, but it has now emerged that Walker is “unlikely to face serious sanctions”.Australian reports.

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After the incident was leaked to Herald of the SunWalker’s rep explained that he was just undressing for the shower and was unable to tune out of the meeting.

ABC responded similarly, calling Walker’s strip show “unintentional”.

“ABC is aware of an unintentional incident that happened to the production team for Weekly“, the message says.

“ABC is in constant contact with relevant team members and is in the process of developing strategies to prevent similar incidents from happening again.”

In a subsequent report, the source cited in Herald of the Sun claimed that when Walker was taking off his pajamas in the bathroom preparing to take a shower, ABC control room workers were shown close-ups of his genitals.

An anonymous employee told the publication that they believed the situation was resolved easily due to Walker’s production company Thinkative Television being a key customer of ABC.

They argued that this was a clear example of “double standards” in public broadcasting.

“You can’t bring plastic bottles in the building, but there’s a naked guy on screen, but it’s funny,” they said.

“If it was an ABC man [instead of someone from an external production company] they will never be allowed to set foot on that place again.

“The reason we’re all concerned about this is [because] ABC are moral preachers.”

Speaking with Australian However, over the weekend, a TV insider said, ‚ÄúThat was a real mistake. Clearly, ABC takes people’s injuries seriously.

“But if serious action was taken against Chris Walker for an accidental outburst, that would also spark an outcry.”

This isn’t the first time Mr. Walker has accidentally exposed himself during a phone call.

Bickmore explained on her Carrie and Tommy a radio show back in November that her partner walked in “with beats” as she was being interviewed on Zoom while other journalists around the world were watching.

“Full frame in the corner [of the screen] there was Chris with his meat and vegetables, just standing there for all the world’s press to see,” Bickmore said.

She added that after that they laughed for 45 minutes.

Bickmore and Walker moved to the UK in April with their children. Oliver, Evie and Adelaide. They will live and work there for several months.

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