Casey Bloys of HBO and HBO Max on Dominant Emmy Performance and What’s Next –

HBO/HBO Max were at their best today, winning 12 more categories than all other networks and streamers combined. Including Creative Arts, HBO/HBO Max leads the way with 37 Emmys versus 26 for its main rival Netflix, which had a more modest three trophies today.

The drama race was competitive with the global Netflix phenomenon. squid game with two key wins for star Lee Jong Jae and director Hwang Dong Hyuk.

“As a fan, I’m excited. I think it was a great show,” HBO and HBO Max Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys told of the game-changing Korean drama at the HBO/HBO Max Emmy After Party.

However, it was a competition and Bloys was a fan of HBO. succession. Corporate/family drama and social satire by Mike White White Lotus combined eight of 12 HBO/HBO Max wins. Next year, the two series, led by Drama Director Francesca Orsi, will converge in the Drama Series category. Competing as a limited series this year, White LotusThe upcoming second season, set in Italy, which debuts in October, will be reclassified as a drama series as it features newly minted Emmy Award winner Jennifer Coolidge from the first season of Hawaii.

“I saw the first four [episodes], it’s fantastic,” Bloys said. “Mike White has put together a great cast, I’m very excited for everyone to see this work and this cast.”

There are already rumors about a third season, with Season 1’s Connie Britton telling in July that she and White “intend” to bring her character back in Season 3.

“Who knows what Mike is thinking, but whatever he thinks, I’m sure I’ll be very, very excited about it,” Bloys said.

Continuing the theme of the first season, White walked to HBO parties with a lei around his neck.

successionThe upcoming fourth season will debut in the spring, Bloys confirmed to Like creator Jesse Armstrong, Bloys has been tight-lipped about what’s in store for us next season. “More tasty drama. That’s all I can give you,” he said.

barry, which was closed this year, will also return to the Emmy competition next year.

“This show – of course, I think everyone should have been recognizable – I think Bill [Hader] filmed phenomenal episodes and Henry [Winkler] is a national treasure. We will be back next year, next season and hopefully [the show will fare well]”.

The key is that the best HBO/HBO Max shows will be eligible again next season as no Succession, Barry as well as Euphoria (and is not the leader of the limited series) the company placed second behind Netflix in 2021 with 19 Emmys to Netflix’s 44.

Euphoria will miss a year again, with season 3 expected to begin filming in March for consideration at the 2024 Emmys. And despite some speculation, season 3 won’t be the last, as Bloys and his team want the series to continue, evolving as the characters mature.

The new HBO/HBO Max series that Bloys plans to join next year’s Emmy race includes Dragon Housewhose predecessor Game of Thrones was the Juggernaut Emmy, Last of us, David E. Kelly Love and death with Elizabeth Olsen and Steven Soderbergh. Full circle led by Zazie Beetz and Claire Danes.

One show you can tune into the Emmys is HBO. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, which goes on to win the Variety Talk series. Bloys doesn’t take the show’s success for granted and hopes to keep it going after the end of his current contract, which expires next year.

“I think the reason Last week tonight keeps resonating that John, Liz [Stanton] and Tim [Carvell] to produce not only a funny show, but also a very informative and intellectually rigorous one,” he said. “We were lucky to showcase their work on HBO and look forward to future seasons.”

It’s not clear yet if there will be an HBO Max Khaki, who was the MVP by releasing new seasons during the pandemic in both 2020 and 2021 and winning two consecutive Emmys for star Jean Smart, will open the window for the 2023 Emmys; this year it barely squeaked at the very end of May.

Bloys recently merged the comedy departments of HBO and HBO Max under HBO head of comedy Amy Gravitt. Should we expect changes in Max’s comedy in the future?

“They will only continue to make the best shows,” Bloys said. “The Max Comedy team has put together a lot of comedies, so I don’t think things will change. And it’s really about putting together what I think is the best comedy team in the business.”

The Emmy dominance last week comes after a rough patch at HBO/HBO Max, with layoffs following the Discovery merger. Blois acknowledged those who made victories possible.

“The results really reflect years of work by the creators, the people who work on the show, the HBO executives. It is very interesting and very pleasant,” he said.

Tonight, HBO/HBO Max and its executives received many commendations from the stage from the winners. And then there was White, who didn’t mention his employer when applying for the job. both writing an Emmy for White Lotus. He corrected this by apologizing during his Outstanding Anthology Series victory speech. And Blois confirmed that there were no offenses.

“Of course not. Mike couldn’t be a better partner,” Bloys said. “I’ll go downstairs and hug him.”

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