Casey Misgravis is ‘crazy’ among fans for smashing her posters.

Kacey Musgraves had some favorite words for her fans yesterday.

The star caught a joke that someone pulled with her posters, and she didn’t look very happy.

She took to Twitter after seeing him yesterday, and she toyed with her followers.

Musgraves didn’t like the Googly Eye version.

The Musgraves team has put up posters across the country to promote the singers’ upcoming tour.

The Billboard reported last month that it plans to hit the streets in early 2022 in celebration of its “Star Crossed” record.

The tour will begin on January 19, the first date in St. Paul, the capital of Minnesota, and will continue until February.

Musgraves will target 15 major North American cities during the tour, including Chicago, Toronto, Washington DC and New York.

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One of the tour stops is at TD Garden in Boston on January 27.

A poster of such a date was smashed with two small eyes on Casey’s face, giving her “crazy eyes”.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Fans of Taylor Swift. Who dislikes it

A picture of her made her way to the singer, who did not like the addition.

“F *** you all,” he wrote while posting a picture of the broken mark.

Fans found out she was joking.

Singer, Whose wealth caused a stir earlier this summer., Didn’t say anything else and didn’t follow the explanation with “just a joke”, but his fans knew he wasn’t really crazy.

He messed with the star, trolling her lightly in the comments.

Adding a wide-eyed emoji to the front of the poster, one fan posted, “These differences are making the game harder.”

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Another fan said “Do you love us” and added a modified photo of Missgrews.

One man compared her to the famous meme of the wide-eyed drag queen.

Another pierced his eye with the infamous image of Cyrus.

“Are you saying it’s not the original cover?” One fan joked

For another situation came up with a clever play on words, “You could say it was.

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20 Little Facts About Country Music Star: Casey Misgraviz.

He is not a superstar of your ordinary country.

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