Cast of “Little People, Big World”, ranked by equity

When Small people, big world It premiered in 2006 for the first time, and most people, including the producers, probably didn’t notice that it hit the numbers it hit and continues to do. The show follows the Roloffs’ life; a family who owns a farm near Portland, Oregon, and how they deal with new challenges that come their way.

The hit show has come a long way since its inception, as have all actors. While some family members have fallen out of sight, some others still make headlines all the time, like Zach and his family this year. In general, owning a farm means that you probably have a ton of money coming in on a regular basis, as is the case with the Roloffs. This, added to the money raised from the show, made the actors considerably wealthy. Here Small people, big world The cast members are ranked by their net worth.

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7 Matt Roloff – $ 6 million

In addition to running a successful farm with his ex-wife Amy, Matt Roloff is also known as an entrepreneur, writer, and television personality. Most of Matt’s money came from his farm, which prompted him to explore other ventures, most of which were originally related to his ex-wife, but that changed after their relationship collapsed. Shortly after Matt and Amy’s official divorce, Matt and farm official Karyn Chandler confirmed that they were dating via social media. As expected, this generated a lot of surprise, but the couple seem to be taking their relationship very seriously as rumors of their engagement have been around for a long time. Matt is currently evaluating net worth 6 million dollars.


6 Amy Roloff – $ 6 million

Realizing that her marriage to Matt Roloff had failed, they both parted ways. While they were married, Matt and Amy jointly owned many things, including Roloff’s farmland. After the divorce proceedings, Amy decided to move out of the farmhouse and sell part of her stake to Matt in order to focus more on herself. However, she still has a stake in the property and makes money from it.

In addition, she also makes money from the books she wrote, one of which is her book “Brief and Simple Recipes for Falling.” Amy is doing well now because she recently found love again and married Chris Marek. Amy is generally a successful woman, and she has net worth estimated at $ 6 million.

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5 Zach Roloff – $ 700,000

Like all of Roloff’s other children, Zach Roloff profited from his role on the show early in his life; To be specific, since he was 14. As a child, he had to help his parents on a farm and worked as a tour guide, which earned him a lot of money.

Now, in addition to being a reality TV star, Zach also coaches youth soccer professionally and is also married to Tory, a photographer, with their two children, Jackson and Layla. Zach and his family have gone through a lot this year and made many important decisions, one of which includes his move to Washington. The reality star is currently rated as value $ 700,000.

4 Jeremy Roloff – $ 700,000

Jeremy is the first son of Matt and Amy Roloff, who was part of Small people, big world until he and his wife, Audrey got married and left in 2014. Despite earning a significant chunk of his time on the show, the star also ventured into other areas of the business, all of which added impressive results to him. net worth $ 700,000.

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3 Jacob Roloff – $ 700,000

It looks like the Roloff family members have a lot more in common than we thought. Despite the fact that Jacob Roloff moved away from reality TV for a while, he returned to the screens of people. Jacob is a YouTuber who is filming his journey through America with his wife Isabelle Rock. His channel has over seven thousand subscribers and is also a published author like his parents. Jacob also has many social media followers and sometimes uses them for promotion and advertising. It is currently rated as value $ 700,000.

2 Molly Roloff – $ 700,000

Molly Roloff is the only daughter in the Roloff family who has been out of the limelight for some time. Molly first left the show in 2012 when she went to college and earned her bachelor’s degrees in accounting, literature, and Spanish. She then found several jobs in the accounting industry.

While the Roloff family made quite a bit of money from their entrepreneurial endeavors and fame, Molly decided she wanted to chart her own path to success, and based on what she’s doing right now, it’s safe to say that she’s on the right track. She has also made several guest appearances on the show over the years. The 27-year-old athlete currently has an estimated net worth USD 700,000

one Audrey Mirabella Botti – $ 500,000

Audrey is a famous American blogger and TV presenter, famous for her publications. In addition, Audrey has appeared on television several times. Small people, big world. She is married to Jeremy Roloff and they have three children. In addition to spending time on the air and blogging, Audrey is also a designer and has been able to make huge money from her talents. The star has a current net worth $ 500,000.

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