Cast of “Modern Family”, ranked by equity

Getting on a hit sitcom is the dream of many performers, which is why the pilot season is so important in Hollywood. Some shows catch on and become hits, while others are canceled almost immediately. The risk is great, but it can pay dividends in the future.

Modern family was a huge hit on the small screen, and his biggest stars scattered like thugs with their salaries. This, in turn, increased their net worth.

Let’s take a look at the composition Modern family and find out where they rank in the net worth department Celebrity Net Worth

eight Ariel Winter – $ 12 million

Alex Dunphy Modern Family

As one of the youngest actors on the show, Ariel Winter is one who didn’t have as many career opportunities to make money. Regardless, she still amassed an impressive $ 12 million in net worth. Winter is an exceptionally talented performer and she did a great job on the show. As such, we fully expect this number to continue to grow as it takes part in other major projects.


7 Sarah Hyland – $ 14 million

Sarah Highland's modern family

Similar to Ariel Winter, who played her sister on the show, Sarah Hyland is another performer who has a lot to expect in the entertainment industry. At this stage in her career, Highland made $ 14 million, a number that most people will never reach. It will be interesting to watch Highland and Winter play their cards when new opportunities open up.

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6 Julie Bowen – $ 18 million

Julie Bowen is a phenomenal actress who has been in the entertainment industry for many years, and Modern family was exactly the medium she needed to show the main audience how good she was while the cameras were on. Bowen was able to cut his big salary by Modern familyand this played a huge role in achieving her $ 18 million fortune.

5 Eric Stonestreet – $ 23 million

When talking about basic leads Modern familyIt is impossible to ignore the fact that Eric Stonestreet was one of the funniest and most memorable performers on the show. He had great material to work with, but what he did with it really set him apart from most of the people on the show. Stonestreet was able to raise $ 23 million and we expect fans to be paying close attention to his next big project.

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4 Jesse Tyler Ferguson – $ 25 million

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has been involved in the business since the early 2000s, and while it took him a while to fully gain traction, he tried to make the most of his big opportunities as Mitchell Pritchett on Modern family… With a fortune of $ 25 million, Ferguson made himself a big fortune, and now he can live quite comfortably.

3 Ty Burrell – $ 26 million

Ty Burrell may not have become a Hollywood star right away, but he was able to get some truly unique experiences on both the big and small screens. Most people forget that he was actually in the MCU before he got the role of Phil Dunphy. Modern family, and over time, Burrell was able to earn $ 26 million. The last time the actor starred in Duncanvillewhich was taken on third season

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2 Ed O’Neill – $ 65 million

Jay Modern Family
Via ABC YouTube

People who have followed the entertainment industry long enough should not be surprised to see the legendary Ed O’Neill at the very top of this list. O’Neill is already a small-screen legend for his time playing the game. Al Bundy on the Married with childrenand the opportunity to score Modern family the massive career renaissance was just the icing on the cake for the comedian. Who knows, maybe we’ll get the chance to see O’Neill on another hit show in the future.

one Sofia Vergara – $ 180 million

To say that Sofia Vergara became a world superstar during her time at Mmodern family would be a huge understatement. At the peak of the show’s popularity, Vergara was one of the highest paid female performers on television, and in many ways is considered one of the best aspects of the entire show. She has had a lot of work to do since leaving the company, and her $ 180 million net worth puts her at the top of this list.

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