Selena Gomez hopes to someday marry and become a mother

Image Source: Getty / Axel / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic Selena Gomez’s schedule is busy. A rundown of the singer, actor and beauty mogul’s most recent projects includes a new season of Only Murders in the Building, a reboot of the 1980s classic Business Girl, a new launch of Rare Beauty, an upcoming season of Selena. … Read more

Management addresses this guy’s concerns about a certain employee, so he puts all possible restrictions on his computer.

Tardiness in the workplace is not an uncommon occurrence. Whether it’s the overall culture of the place that makes it hard for you to focus, colleagues who don’t miss an opportunity to chit chat about anything and everything – whatever it is, chances are you’ve found yourself Deal with it. It could be anything: perpetually … Read more

30 Times Thrift Store Workers And Clients Were So Stunned By Interesting Finds, They Just Had To Share Them Online

Any thrift store is a thing that is both very sad and incredibly exciting. Sad – because it is always a pity to see how things that once were of great and sentimental importance to people who once lived have turned into literally insignificant garbage. Exciting – because here, any visitor, any employee turns into … Read more

The Internet’s Most Famous Karen Is An Emu Out To Get Her Owner, With Her Antics Captured In An Ongoing Series Of Videos

As the panda woke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed into some kind of monstrous bird. Crouched in a warm hump of feathers, it uncurled its long neck and faced forward, focusing its big doe eyes onto an indistinguishable ray of light. Confusion soon shifted into an uncontrollable anger and a craving … Read more

She-Hulk Producers Respond to CGI Criticism and Defend Marvel VFX Artists

Team behind She-Hulk Attorney at Law speaks after receiving criticism for the way the CGI was handled on the show. In the TV series Television Critics Association Wednesday (August 3) press tour panel, director Kat Coiro responded to those who reproached the series for what it does not do Tatiana MaslanyHulk character is bigger. Click … Read more

144 of the hardest puzzles that are so fun to start but so hard to finish

What is it about humans that makes us love to take on a challenge at our leisure? Like, instead of lying on our backs staring at the ceiling on a rainy day, we choose to do something that scares our brains? You know, like grabbing a carton of pieces from the world’s hardest puzzle, putting … Read more

“Am I a jerk for telling my ‘always late’ friends in advance so we’ll be on time?”

You know that disorganized, somewhat selfish, long-time friend who you secretly hate for not respecting your time? Well, Reddit user Perfect-Extension has three of them. So as you can imagine, planning a group vacation with them can be a nightmare. Flights, hotels, and dinners… there are so many places you have to go and so … Read more

“Absolute minimum wage”: Man sparks online debate about fair wage after sharing MIT report that says minimum wage should be $26

Not everyone strives to be a billionaire. Most try to make ends meet. But the grim reality of the federal minimum hourly wage in America makes it a difficult mission. Due to not being consistent with the times, the $7.25 hourly rate has stuck since 2009. No wonder people still fall short of meeting their … Read more

88 People Share Plot Cliches They Absolutely Love

We have two book and movie loving wolves in us. The first requires an original story, good acting, engaging dialogue, and believable, logical world-building. Others like to curl up under a blankie with a tub of ice cream and enjoy the cheesy plotlines and story tropes they know as close friends. The wolf you feed … Read more

I grabbed the heel of the Italian “boot” from above (14 photos)

I am Eleonora Costi, an Italian photographer. I have traveled almost all over the world with my drone. In 2020, due to COVID-19, I had to stop. During the quarantine, I sold my first online course on drone photography, and as soon as the lockdown ended, I decided to focus on the beauties of Italy. … Read more