Abigail Spencer talks about ‘toughest year’ of her life in emotional open letter to fans

Abigail Spencer very honest with her fans in an open letter she posted on her Instagram page on her 41st birthday. timeless actress currently acting in Grey’s Anatomytalked about how the last year of her life was “the hardest year” in her life. “August 4, 2021, I entered the most difficult year of my life. … Read more

This trip to Madeira was my most exciting trip so far, here are 21 magical photos I took there.

A few years ago, I was visiting my sister near Porto and was thinking about an impromptu trip to Madeira for a few days. But I didn’t expect what I found there. It was by far the most exciting trip I have ever made. The island is pure magic. I remember when I was looking … Read more

“We can’t put one child over the other”: Mom wants to punish her son because he got to go to Disney World while his sister didn’t.

Most family psychologists, when talking about raising children in large families, always note how important it is for parents not to pick favorites. This is absolutely sound advice, and it really does help raise a psychologically healthy person – unless, of course, parents abuse the equality principle. Unfortunately, in reality, things are not so simple, … Read more

A man shames a co-worker for wearing “barely any clothes” for walking barefoot in the office, so she puts him back.

Being good at your job isn’t the only thing that helps you thrive at work. Just think about it — you have to know the ins and outs of the business, handle stressful situations, and above all, navigate the twists and turns of co-worker relationships. But that’s easier said than done, because conflicts between colleagues … Read more

The Doggy School Bus takes kids out for a day of outdoor play dates.

School is in session. Pupils are excited and a little nervous. How will the day be? Who will they get to play with? What’s coming for lunch? Will they get a big juicy bone or wet food? Oh, this isn’t a regular school I’m talking about. It’s a place where dogs come to stay while … Read more

This Man Breaks Down How Companies Use Pricing Principles To Sell More Products To Customers (12 Pics)

Businesses put a lot of effort into finding the right prices for their products. Keep it too low, and you leave money on the table. Make it too high, and you can say goodbye to sales that could have made your year. Finding the ideal number means choosing a strategy that is appropriate for that … Read more

Woman puts her boyfriend’s colleagues in their place, revealing she earns double his salary after calling him a gold digger

When entering a relationship, there is always a side of you that worries about the most random things: Am I going to meet with his family? Will the dog like me? Do they have the same stance on eating breakfast items for dinner? Whatever it is, chances are you know what it’s like to have … Read more

My 55 New Healthy Comics inspired by my relationship with my boyfriend and my daily struggles

A lot of my comics are really healthy. I try to please people because I am a pessimist myself. So comics are therapy for me and hopefully for the people who read them. If I can make one person happy by reading them, that’s a success. Inspired by my relationship with my boyfriend and daily … Read more

Mum tells how her partner made her feel guilty for not getting ‘enough’ while on maternity leave

Raising children takes up a ton of your time and energy. Really, it’s like a full-time job (although the perks, aka spending time with the cutest munchkins ever, are better than any corporate environment). However, some of your acquaintances may not see it that way, especially if they don’t have children themselves. In fact, some … Read more

146 Classic Snacks and Meals of the ’90s

A trip to the grocery store can be a walk down memory lane. You can get Pop Tarts And Lunchables That you used to chew regularly in the 90s. Still, there are plenty of amazing candies and snacks from the ’90s that you won’t find on the shelves. Food fads come and go, and chances … Read more