Cause of Death Updates – The 34-year-old rapper died in a home invasion just weeks after the chilling post.

Rapper Trouble has tragically passed away at the age of 34, putting his recent Twitter post about life being “short” in a chilling new light.

The rapper, whose real name is Mariel Semonte Orr, was reportedly shot and killed during a home invasion around 3:20 a.m. Sunday at the Lake St. James apartment complex in Georgia, the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office said. VSB-TV.

Just weeks before his passing Trouble tweeted“Neva knows when you’ll be called, numba!”

“Life is short, man.”

“Love your people and make sure they know!” Issue added.

Police are reportedly looking for 33-year-old Jamichael Jones in connection with the shooting. Law enforcement told WSB-TV that Jones was involved in a “domestic situation” with a woman the rapper was visiting when he was shot.

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  • Trouble praise

    The song Trouble Bussin from his 2011 debut album has over 2.7 million views on YouTube.

    In 2015, the rapper starred in the hit Young Thug Thief in the Night.

    His 2018 debut studio album Edgewood features collaborations with Drake.

    Trouble’s latest album was Thug Luv, released in 2020.

  • Last batch

    Trouble took to social media to share a promotional poster for the It’s a Legendary Summer party held in Decatur, Georgia on June 4th.

    There are several clips from the party in his Instagram stories.

  • Who was Trouble?

    Born November 4, 1987, Mariel Semonte Orr, mostly known for Trouble, is originally from Atlanta, Georgia.

    The rapper’s debut mixtape “December 17” was released in April 2011 and ranked 23rd on the chart. 25 best mixtapes of the complex list for that year.

  • Who was Sad Frosty?

    Allegedly, the rapper was born on March 4, 1997.

    Sad Frosty broke into the music scene with the single “ADHD Freestyle”.

    He was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

    rapper Instagram There are only two posts on the account. The first was posted back in July 2021 along with fellow rapper Chief Keef.

    Last post announces his death with the signature: “Love Live Sad Frosty, 03/04/97 – 01/14/22”.

    His YouTube The channel offers a lot more content, including his popular collaboration with DC The Don called Beavis & Butt-Head which currently has 1.4 million views.

  • Who was Snooty Wilde?

    Born April 23, 1985 in Memphis, Tennessee; Snooty Wilde was a rapper.

    Snooty Wilde (real name LePreston Porter) released his first single Yayo in 2013.

    Fellow Memphis artist Yo Gotti remixed the song and added Snooty to his collective music group.

    Snooty continued to work with veteran rappers such as Fabolous and French Montana.

    He was shot dead on Friday, February 25, 2022 and died the next day from his injuries.

  • Lil Kid, continued

    The rapper’s first song to become popular was Nameless in 2018.

    Both of his studio albums Long Live Mexico and Trapped on Cleveland 3 charted on the Billboard 200.

    Despite being relatively new to the music industry, he released several albums, singles and mixtapes.

    He was even featured in Future Undefeated and Lil Uzi Vert’s Heavy Meta in 2018.

    Tragically died in May 2022.

  • Who was Lil Kid?

    Lil Kid was a 24 year old American rapper.

    Born March 16, 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia, the artist briefly worked at Subway and McDonald’s as a teenager before breaking into the music industry.

    He first started making music with his younger brother, Semaya Render, posting songs online.

    He then signed with Young Thug’s label, YSL Records, and 300 Entertainment.

  • Bede worked with Young Thug and Drake

    The rapper started his career with a role in the hit Young Thug Thief in the Night in 2015.

    His 2018 debut studio album Edgewood features collaborations with Drake and was produced by hip-hop star Mike Will Maid-It.

  • Trouble was shot in the chest

    Suspect Jamichael Jones reportedly broke into the woman’s home and opened fire, hitting Trouble once in the chest.

    He was pronounced dead at the scene.

    The unknown woman was not described as injured.

  • Trouble didn’t know the alleged killer

    Jones was reportedly involved in a “domestic situation” with a woman Trouble was visiting on Saturday night, Rockdale County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Jedidiah Canty said at a news conference.

    Canty said that Bede and Jones did not know each other.

  • The police are asking for information

    Although no arrests were made, investigators obtained an arrest warrant for 33-year-old Jamichael Jones. He is currently charged with murder.

    Anyone with information that could lead officials to Jones can contact investigators at 770-278-8188.

  • The suspect in the photo

    Police are looking for suspect Jamichael Jones, 33, of Atlanta, Georgia.

    Police are looking for a suspect in the murder of Jaymichael Jones.Credit: Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department.
  • Trouble success

    The rapper’s debut mixtape “December 17” was released in April 2011 and ranked 23rd on the chart. 25 best mixtapes of the complex list for that year.

    He went on to work with several notable musicians including Yo Gotti, Waka Flocka Flame and Lupe Fiasco.

    Trouble has over 125.6k followers on Twitter and another 111k on Instagram.

  • Rappers who died in 2021

    Rappers who died last year include:

  • How many rappers died in 2021?

    Last year, 20 rappers died.

    The last losses of 2021 were Kangol Kid and Drakeo Ruler.

  • Rappers who died in 2022

    Among the rappers who tragically died this year:

  • Gucci Mane reacts

    The popular American rapper paid tribute to Trouble in a short Twitter post.

    “RIP Trouble,” he wrote.

  • Hip Hop Media Pays Tribute

    Hot Freestyle paid tribute to Trouble in a recent tweet by sharing an image of the rapper.

    “RIP Trouble,” signed the photo portal.

  • Performance problems in 2018

    The picture of the murdered rapper was taken during a performance in Atlanta in 2018.

    He performed at the BMI Know Them Now Experience at the Buckhead Theater on May 31, 2018.

    Rapper Trouble performs at the BMI Know Them Now Experience 2018 event at the Buckhead Theater on May 31, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Credit: Prince Williams/WireImage)
    Rapper Trouble performs at the BMI Know Them Now Experience 2018 event at the Buckhead Theater on May 31, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. Credit: Prince Williams/WireImage)Credit: photo by Prince Williams/WireImage
  • Lil Duvall remembers Trouble

    “Damn Trouble was someone I really preached to and helped spiritually,” the comedian tweeted.

    “And he learned to be happy and live life. It hurt me a little, I’m not going to”

  • Tribute to Alexis Sky

    Trouble’s ex-girlfriend Alexis Sky paid tribute to the rapper on Twitter.

    She shared a photo with him with the caption:

    “I’m so sorry this happened to you Skub, you didn’t deserve this, I’m praying for your kids and family”

  • Trouble’s real name

    The official name of the rapper is Mariel Semonte Orr.

  • Suspect Wanted

    Police are looking for 33-year-old Jaymichael Jones.

    According to Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jedidia Canty, Jones was named a suspect in the case and is now under a warrant for murder, home invasion and assault.

  • New details revealed

    Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jedidia Canty said Trouble was shot during a home invasion.

    Canti said during a press conference that the rapper was visiting a girlfriend when a man burst in and shot him.

  • Members of the alleged YSL gang, continued

    Other prospective members include:

    • Kaliff Adams, aka “Bobby Hunt”.
    • Martinez Arnold, aka “The Duke”.
    • Derontae Bebee, also known as “Bee” or “Bee”
    • Damon Blalock aka “The Pledge”
    • Javaris Bradford aka There
    • Justin Cobb aka Duwap.
    • Cordarius Dorsey, aka “Polo” or “Juicy”
    • Miles Farley a.k.a. “Slato” or “Little Miles”.
    • Javon Fleetwood, aka “4tray” or “Psycho”.
    • Damekion Garlington, aka “Dee” or “Sxsarfax”.
    • Quantavious Grier aka Unfoonk
    • Marquius Huey a.k.a. “Qua”
    • Deamonte Kendrick, also known as Yak Gotti.
    • Wunnie Lee a.k.a. “Slimelife Shawty”
    • Demis McMullen aka Nard
    • Tenquarius Mender, also known as “Stunna”.
    • Walter Murphy aka “DK”
    • Jayden Mirik, also known as SetTrip or JayMan.
    • Quamarvius Nichols, also known as “Kwa”
    • Rodalius Ryan aka “Lil Rod”.
    • Antonio Sledge aka “Mounk Tounk”
    • Trontavius ​​Stevens, also known as “Tick” or “Slug”.
    • Shannon Stillwell, aka “Shannon Jackson” or “SB”.
    • Antonio Sumlin aka Obama.
    • Jimmy Winfrey aka Roscoe.

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