CBS Studios ties with Syrreal and ARD Degeto on d’Oderbruch’ – Deadline

CBS Studios Tied to Searle Entertainment. And ARD Digito. For a ‘high level play’ for the latter online platform ARD Mediathek.

Oderbrooch. It will begin with the discovery of several murder victims in a famous area of ​​Germany. Former police officer Maggie Kring (Caroline Schuch) and detective Roland Vuitt (Felix Kramer) will be brought together to investigate the case after more than 20 years of separation, which has become personal for Maggie as it is her mystery. Connected to death. Brother many years ago

Filming for the show, produced by Arend Reimers and Adolfo J. Colmir, will begin next year in Germany and Poland. Executive producers are Christoph Pelander, Sebastian Lacelle, Patrick Knoll Simon and CBS Studios Meghan Lever. Viacom CBS Global Distribution will distribute outside German-speaking areas.

This is the second drama to come from TV Deal, the first look between CBS Studios and Serial in 2020 after RTL + ‘s TVNOW. Zee Network, Which began production in August in Germany and Poland.

Lever said: “We are looking for the right style story as we expand our slate of premium international series. Oderbrooch. A lofty character is a perfect combination of drama, with a contemporary and uniquely beloved genre.

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