Celebrate National Coming Out Day With These Groundbreaking Shows

For a long time, many viewers did. no See yourself represented on television, as live white relationships dominate most, if not all.

However, the landscape of the TV landscape has changed significantly over the past few decades, with shows. Finally Strange stories to tell and today, October 11, as National Arrival Day, we felt it was right to highlight some of these incredible programs.

First? NBC Will and Grace.. Although there were some disturbing stereotypes at the heart of this show, we can’t list them without just adding LGBTQ + shows. Will and Grace.. The main reason is that the set was one of the first mainstream shows. Homosexual characters are at the forefront..

The multi-award winning comedy hit proved that gay characters were as compelling as their straight counterparts – and opened the door for adult cable shows. L word. And As a people.

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