Celebrities are cashing in on racy bikini lines, from Kim Kardashian’s £2 billion empire to Michelle Keegan’s fancy-named swimsuits.

APPLY sunscreen, wash off greasy bits and put on some famous bathing suit.

Today is National Bikini Day, and we’re already introducing our two-piece sets ahead of this weekend’s favorite.


This summer, celebrity bikinis such as Emily Ratajkowski’s Inamorata are in fashion.1 credit

But this year, celebrities are way ahead of the game and are already cashing in on our love of modest bikinis.

Some have even launched their own companies, while others have partnered with existing brands.

From Lizzo’s positive suits to Love Island’s Montana Brown’s sustainable swimsuits, finance expert Gemma Godfrey takes a look at savvy stars and their bathing suits.

Montana Brown – Swimming Society

Love Island star Montana Brown may not have found love in the villa, but she came up with a recycled bikini business idea.

She just got her degree in economics ahead of her 2017 season, so it’s no wonder she spotted a niche in the market by sunbathing with contestants.

The Swimming Society received six-figure funding last year, so expect to see more Montana weirdos.

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Gemma said, “By focusing on the item of clothing most worn on the show that made her famous, Montana deftly caters to her fan base to sell bikinis and build her business.”

Kate Hudson – Fabletics

Kate Hudson celebrates the Fourth of July with her Fabletics line.


Kate Hudson celebrates the Fourth of July with her Fabletics line.

Actress Kate Hudson’s delicious mom, a sportswear brand, launched her own swimwear line this year.

The Almost Famous star, 43, co-founded the network in 2013 and now owns a 20 per cent stake in the £413 million ($500 million) business.

Last year, she took a step back from being the brand’s face to taking on a consultant role as well as becoming a WW Ambassador.

Gemma said: “Kate has built a consistent brand focused on the wellness market by testing demand for a variety of products, from dietary supplements to distilled beverages.

“Her sportswear brand Fabletics has grown exponentially and while she’s still getting paid to partner with other brands, she prudently chooses to promote products from companies she owns.”

Emily Ratajkowski – Inamorata

Emily Ratajkowski can advertise millions of subscribers


Emily Ratajkowski can advertise millions of subscribers

31-year-old model Emily Ratajkowski became famous thanks to her role in the music video for Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines”.

The video led to a successful modeling career and garnered Emily 29.4 million followers on Instagram.

So when she launched the Inamorata bikini line in 2017, her eager fans saw the items sold out in 24 hours.

In addition to her fashion line, she released a memoir, My Body, last year.

Gemma said: “Emily made money by taking back ownership of her body.

“From her book to the swimwear company she co-founded, Inamorata, she has turned her social media followers into customers.”

Abby Clancy – F&F at Tesco

Abby Clancy recently launched her F&F swim collection with Tesco.


Abby Clancy recently launched her F&F swim collection with Tesco.

She’s not just a pretty face, Abby Clancy has shown off her business savvy by designing a range of eco-friendly swimwear for Tesco.

The 70s-inspired range also includes all sizes up to size 22, making Abby worth £700,000.

Last year, the model partnered with clothing label Tesco F&F with a line of clothing that her children modeled.

Meanwhile, Gemma believes this could be the start of an empire in the form of Clancy.

She said: “Abby has gone from modeling to partnering with supermarkets with her Tesco swimwear range.

“She also doesn’t put her eggs in one basket, profiting from her growing real estate portfolio.”

Candice Swanepoel – Tropic of C

Candice Swanepoel's eco-friendly brand was inspired by love for the planet


Candice Swanepoel’s eco-friendly brand was inspired by love for the planetCredit: Tropic C

South African model Candice Swanepoel has already posed for the Victoria’s Secret Angel swimwear collection and even for the Kardashian family.

These gigs helped the 33-year-old model become the 8th highest earning model by Forbes, earning £2.7m (£3.3m) a year.

In 2018, she invested her profits in the Tropic of C swimming complex, which she also modeled.

Gemma said: “A Victoria’s Secret model knows the secret to making big money.

“She was getting high fees on the catwalk and took it to the bank by modeling her own swimwear line for her many social media followers.”

Kim Kardashian – SKIM

This month, Kim Kardashian made laughs with her spectacular photo shoot.


This month, Kim Kardashian made laughs with her spectacular photo shoot.1 credit

With a net worth of £1.4 billion, Kim Kardashian has already achieved huge success in her career in reality TV, skincare and lingerie.

She launched her own swimwear brand this year to match her bikini Instagram posts.

She appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimwear issue to launch the collection while continuing to vacation with boyfriend Pete Davidson.

Her range of Skims clothing is worth a total of £2.45 billion.

Gemma said: “Looping on her hugely successful shapewear brand Skims, Kim has branched out into swimwear, which has allowed her to monetize her holiday shots.

“It matched perfectly with her debut on the cover of Sports Illustrated a couple of months later.”

Gigi Hadid – Frankie Bikini

Gigi Hadid posed for Frankies Bikinis


Gigi Hadid posed for Frankies BikinisCredit: Alana O’Herlihy/Frankies Bikinis

Model Gigi Hadid caused an uproar when she posed in matching Frankie panties with daughter Khai last summer.

According to owner Francesca Aiello, a high school friend of Hadid, the green sets sold out immediately.

This year, Hadid designed her own collection for a brand beloved by many celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin.

Gemma said: “Gigi is very savvy now to profit from her connection with the public. Helping sell the products she collaborated on will be much more financially rewarding.”

Stacy Solomon – In Style

Stacey Solomon has typically spoken down to earth about her bikini line.


Stacey Solomon has typically spoken down to earth about her bikini line.

X Factor contestant-turned-slut Stacey Solomon captivated the public by showing off her “real” body in a bikini in 2017.

During the video, she said, “I thought I’d make a little celebratory video about my society labeled ‘imperfections’ because I actually love them, they’re a part of me and they have their uses.”

Now she’s come full circle, designing her own In The Style briefs that promise to “cover up the valves.”

Gemma said: “Stacey is a regular mom and she’s very interested in understanding that this resonates with other working moms.

“She has modeled her own swimming pool and has benefited from her fans as a much loved and positive TV presenter.”

Michelle Keegan – Orfila Bee

The Michelle Keegan range has been in the making for two years.


The Michelle Keegan range has been in the making for two years.

Our Girl star Michelle Keegan has already dabbled in the fashion business, modeling husband Mark Wright’s line of fitness equipment.

Now 35-year-old Michelle is capitalizing on her beauty reputation by launching her own clothing line.

The multipurpose Orfila Bee swimsuit is named after her grandmother and her hometown of Manchester.

Gemma said, “As a successful acting career continues to build, Michelle is taking her finances into her own hands by launching her own business ventures.

“She enters the swimwear market with sales potential from just six million of her Instagram followers.”

Lizzo – Yitty Swim

Singer Lizzo in a tailored Yitty swimsuit.


Singer Lizzo in a tailored Yitty swimsuit.Credit: lizzobeating/instagram

Plus size singer Lizzo has made body positivity cool with her Yitty shapewear line.

In April, she launched a line of jeweled swimwear from the label, which coincidentally belongs to Fabletics.

The brand will no doubt add to her £10 million fortune.
Gemma said: “Lizzo’s transition from lucrative advertising contracts to launching her own products is very timely.

“She’s entering a growing market and her products are not only available on the company’s own website, but also available to an already established customer base through Fabletics online and in stores.”

Selena Gomez – La’Marietta

Selena Gomez gifted a bikini to her Britney Spears line


Selena Gomez gifted a bikini to her Britney Spears line1 credit

It’s not the first time actress and singer Selena Gomez has received approval, but she just released a swimwear capsule collection.

La’Mariette is owned by her friend Teresa Mingus, and she even launched the brand by revealing her kidney transplant scar in 2017.

In addition to swimwear, Selena has also modeled for Puma and has a deal with cosmetics giant Sephora.

Gemma said: “Starting working at the age of seven, she amassed a significant fortune and invested in other people’s businesses.

“Adding a swimwear designer to her long list of lucrative pursuits is just the latest in the expansion of her business empire.”


Kylie Jenner keeps fans updated on Kylie Swim


Kylie Jenner keeps fans updated on Kylie SwimCredit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner

Swimwear was a rarity for Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the KarJenner sisters last year.

The range of swimwear, suits and bikinis was not a hit with her lip kits and skincare lines.

Fans took to TikTok to complain about the quality of the assortment – some claimed the items were see-through or were falling apart at the seams.

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Gemma says this could be a real test for Kylie.

She said of the line, “While her initial launch was not met with the same praise as her sister Kim’s, if the range becomes a mainstream, the power of the Kardashian-Jenner family’s marketing machine should not be underestimated. ”

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