Celebrity Apprentice 2022 Winner Crowned: Benji Marshall Beats Darren McMullen

In the exciting final showdown between Darren McMullen and Benji Marshall, the big risk was that a surprise winner was announced.

The winner of the Celebrity Apprentice 2022 has been announced.

In a thrilling grand final on Tuesday night, an emotional Benji Marshall was declared the biggest fundraiser by Lord Alan Sugar, beating TV presenter and actor Darren McMullen for the top prize.

At their final events, in which both contestants made a final push to raise funds for their chosen charities, Marshall earned a whopping $387,105 compared to McMullen’s $172,617.

The former NRL star received an additional $100,000 in prize money which was donated to Souths Cares.

Closely affiliated with the South Sydney Rabbitohs, it supports disadvantaged and marginalized youth and their families through education, training, health care and employment.

During the grand finale, the two finalists were given just one day to organize a major fundraising event.

Marshall took a huge risk and held a free concert – a decision he was advised against – but it was a gamble that eventually paid off.

“Listen, Benji, you came here as a former football player a year later, and you are already back in the final. So, the theme of your event was “dream big,” Lord Sugar told him before the winner was announced.

“The reason I love being involved with this charity is because the kids remind me of me when I was a kid. I feel a close connection with them,” Marshall replied.

“The most important thing I wanted to get out of this event is to inspire children to dream about what you dream about. Believe in yourself, work hard, and you’ll be surprised at what can happen.”

“But you had three opportunities to raise money. And the first, obviously, was sponsorship. The second was the product. The last one was the ticket sales, and I was so impressed that there were thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. And then you just gave it away,” said Lord Sugar.

Marshall agreed that it might have been a mistake, but said there was nothing he could do.

“Honestly, I probably made a lot of bad business decisions in terms of raising more money, but I just might have missed this opportunity to give her kids things for free,” he said.

McMullen, meanwhile, has turned to the “magic” theme to coincide with his chosen charity, Feel the Magic, which provides early intervention programs for children ages seven to 17.

“I felt it would be nice to dive into all this magic and have a magical extravaganza on the island, have acrobats, magicians, a band playing ethereal and magical music, celebrity chefs and, uh, people with a lot of people. of money. That was the plan,” he said in the meeting room.

“I hope your wizards were a lot better than me, because I’ve been trying to make you disappear for ages,” said Lord Sugar, cheekily teasing the couple’s explosive clash during the previous episode. “What happened to your black book?”

McMullen admitted that he was “bogged down” in the “logistics” of planning the event.

“I couldn’t do what I was good at, which was making contacts from the black book and collecting money,” he said. “Yeah. So in the end, of course, I tried my best, but, um, there were a lot of unanswered phone calls.”

McMullen also spoke about his passion for mental health initiatives, which inspired him to choose a charity.

“Mental health has been a big part of my life. I had friends who died early, leaving small children. I had a family that lost their parents early and I saw the consequences it had on them. They find their fathers dead and try to revive them,” he said.

“It was my, my cousin, you know, my uncle. And he went down the path that a lot of people go down, which is substance abuse and mental health issues. And it’s simple, it’s really important to me. I think we can nip this in the bud. And it’s the only charity in Australia that cares for grieving children.”

However, Marshall was ultimately declared the winner.

“Benji, I’m happy to announce that you are the winner. Celebrity Apprentice. With an additional $100,000 you raised $487,105, which is a lot of money,” Lord Alan Sugar told him.

Well done, this will be of great use.

“Who would have thought that this is just a finished footballer who won Celebrity Apprentice? an emotional Marshall replied.

“We’ve raised over half a million dollars.”

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