Celebrity life: Kourtney Kardashian hides belly in latest Instagram post and sends fans into a frenzy

Kardashian fans think Kourtney is hiding her tummy after she posed suspiciously.

The mother of three positioned her body in such a way that some parts of the body were covered in the new photos. Sun reports.

Kourtney posted two photos of herself on Instagram in a black, sparkly leather dress with a large slit.

She completed the look with high black heels, feathered sleeves and dangling earrings.

In the first picture, she was leaning with one foot on the sofa behind her in her trailer, while the other was on the floor.

The Poosh founder looked off into the distance as her dress fell to her feet.

She pulled her large sleeves over her stomach, covering it.

In the second photo, a 43-year-old man was sitting on a couch and staring at the ground.

Courtney crossed her leg over her body and stomach and stood up to hide the bump if she had one.

The Hulu star captioned the post, “Playing dress-up in my trailer.”

This led many fans to believe that she was pregnant with her fourth child.

Fans on Reddit reposted the photos and started a discussion in the thread.

One person wrote: “I think she’s pregnant.”

“So this is just a guess and I could be 100 percent wrong, but it seems to me that she has been moving lately. I think she’s posting old pictures for her but new ones for us, she hid her belly herself.”

“Don’t turn me on,” another fan replied.

One intervened: “Look how she sits. Trying to hide a bump?

Child number four?

Earlier this week, Kourtney posted a photo that sent the internet into a frenzy.

The Kardashian star posted a glamorous modeling photo to her story of her wearing all black leather.

She wore thick dark and smoky eye makeup and showed off her curves in a bra.

The reality TV star posed with a neon “V” in her hands as she walked with one foot through the lamp.

However, after fans saw the photo circulating online, they came up with another theory about Kourtney’s pose.

“She’s definitely pregnant, right?” one fan asked.

Others joked, “I’ll set myself a nine-month reminder!”

It’s a hint?

Kourtney previously shared a retro photo of her sister Khloe touching her tummy.

She said, “Oh my God,” before tagging 38-year-old Chloe on the slide.

The photo was taken when Chloe and Keep up with the Kardashians the clan changed into matching velor tracksuits after the Good American founder’s wedding to Lamar Odom in 2009.

After a stormy wedding, Lamar and Khloe officially divorced in 2016.


Kourtney recently posted a picture of herself wearing an oversized jacket, sparking even more speculation.

She shared a snap of herself in her latest outfit, a chunky oversized brown and black patterned jacket to hide her midriff.

Later, the star posted another video in an oversized outfit.

In the boomerang, she posed with her arms crossed over her stomach and holding a bag in front of her stomach.

The star cleverly hid any signs that she might have a bump.

Kourtney wrestling

On the new family reality show, viewers watched Kourtney try to have another baby.

Fans have recently been watching Kourtney’s bizarre methods as part of her attempts to conceive a fourth child.

In one episode, she tried to eat hard-boiled quail eggs.

During lunch with 32-year-old Steph Shepard, she told her friend: “I have to eat quail eggs every day.”

Steph looked worried as she asked, “Why?”

Courtney replied, “For having children.”

She and her husband Travis Barker also openly shared their struggles when Kourtney was trying to conceive through IVF.

Kourtney already has three children with her ex Scott Disick: Mason, 12; Penelope, 9; and Rein, 7.

Although the couple do not have children together, Travis has children with his ex Shanna Moakler: Landon, 18, and Alabama, 16.

This article originally appeared on Sun and reproduced with permission

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