Celebs can’t get enough of this £80 sustainable handbag

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  • What do Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Haley Bieber, Irina Shake and Megan Fox have in common – apart from acting and modeling careers? For the past few weeks, they have all been pampered with the same handbag.

    It’s called Gaby bag. And surprisingly cheap at only £ 79 (plus, you can currently get a 10 off discount with the code GET10).

    This durable label is JWPEI, a Los Angeles-based label that uses’ high-quality canvas, polyurethane, and certified fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, at a low cost. Wagon wants to make a line of handbags.

    Although brand new, you can see that the brand has already gained an impressive celebrity, thanks to its fun and colorful bags, which were also a hit with Street Style Set at Fashion Month.

    They come in over 10 different colors, ranging from your classic colors like cream, brown and black, to fashion forward shades like bubble pink, lime green and sky blue.

    The rugged handle and classic baguette shape of the 90’s make it a perfect companion to the shoulder which will definitely add fun to your outfit.

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