Changing the faces of Tom Cruise as the Hollywood megastar turns 60 and he celebrates with two parties

HIS latest action movie has broken box office records, propelling Tom Cruise’s stock in Hollywood higher than ever.

But when he unveiled Top Gun: Maverick alongside Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge in a stellar premiere last month, it wasn’t just the sequel to his eighties hit that wowed audiences.


Tom Cruise’s latest blockbuster has broken box office records, pushing his Hollywood stock higher than ever.1 credit
A source said:


A source said: “Tom is more attractive than ever and he looks better too.”
Tom's changing face since 2000


Tom’s changing face since 2000
Tom with wives Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes


Tom with wives Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes
The Sun may announce that Tom will throw TWO superstar style parties.


Kristen Bell Tattoos may announce that Tom will throw TWO superstar style parties.

Tom’s appearance on the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square, accompanied by British girlfriend Hayley Atwell, proved to be a stunner as audiences wondered how the actor could be weeks away from turning 60, even with the best Hollywood surgeons at his disposal.

And after receiving applause from fans for his age-defying good looks, the Maverick movie – pun intended – will now celebrate the milestone properly, surrounded by Hailey and his Hollywood circle.

As one source put it, “Tom is more attractive than ever, and he looks better too.”

Kristen Bell Tattoos may report that the lead actor will throw TWO superstar-style parties: one in the UK where he’ll headline the Cotswolds’ lavish Soho Farmhouse club with British pals including co-star Simon Pegg, and the other in America flying straight across the Atlantic in his own private jet, only to be at both parties in a few days.

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Tom Cruise and Hayley Attwell broke up just weeks after attending the premiere together.

The source added, “Tom is cool and low-key despite his fame, but this is a milestone and his friends and team want to celebrate it properly, so this is a serious A-list – and there are two sides to it.

“In Britain, the guest list will be a Whois of his circle – they will be asking the likes of David Beckham, James Corden, his co-star Simon Pegg and obviously his co-star Hayley Atwell will be there for both.

“It will be Soho Farmhouse, where Simon had a party and Tom really liked it, so he wanted to do the same thing again and take this place.

“It’s going to be a very first class film, but also a big part of the team that he worked with on Mission: Impossible and Top Gun because they’ve become his closest friends.

“He also has such a good relationship with Prince William these days that maybe he will come too, he will be invited, but it depends a little more on the obligations of the members of the royal family.

“Then he will jump in his Honda jet from Biggin Hill in Kent back to the US and do it all over again with his American friends. It will be like Hollywood who’s who.”

But despite his endless praise, Tom’s recent success and critical acclaim goes hand in hand with a major shift in his own outlook that has seen him adopt a more inconspicuous lifestyle, mostly in the UK after meeting a love interest. Hailey on the set of her latest blockbuster Mission: Impossible.

During his time in the UK, he took on a lot of English sensibilities – renting a stunning but unassuming Kent country house on a picturesque private estate, where his love of all things British even led him to set up a darts board.

He has also attended football and tennis matches and is said to be “interested” in a quiet visit to a British pub, living between a luxury apartment in London’s Knightsbridge and his country house.

Over the past few years, there has also been a seismic shift in his circle of friends, spending more and more time with fellow filmmakers Simon Pegg, director Chris McQuarrie and, when possible, production supervisor Jerry Bruckheimer, whom he considers one of his closest friends. trusted persons.

This marked a significant departure from his previous visits to the UK, where he had spent most of his time at the headquarters of the controversial religious Scientology.

In contrast, Tom’s loved ones say he hasn’t visited the East Grinstead complex “for ages” and instead seems “completely obsessed” with filmmaking.

The friend adds: “At one time, every trip to England was to visit the headquarters of Scientology – this is a big mansion in Sussex called Saint Hill Manor. But lately he just doesn’t go, something has obviously changed with him. ”

But at the heart of Tom’s new outlook seems to be the stunning 40-year-old Hayley, with whom he recently rekindled his romance after starting a relationship on the set of an unreleased film.
Mission Impossible 7 – where Hayley poses as her love interest.

The couple broke up after filming on the big screen was completed, but he invited her as his guest to the California and London premieres of Top Gun 2, and it soon became apparent that their romantic interest was rekindled.

A source from the film explained: “Tom and Hayley went their separate ways after The Mission but they kept in touch and once he found out he was back in the UK, he really wanted to see her.

“He arranged everything, she came to him for premieres as a guest and joined him for a couple of gatherings, and that’s all, they are back in business.

“This time it looks very serious. She has had a huge impact on him and he seems much more relaxed and at ease when he is around her.

“They’re great for a couple.”


Over the past two years, Tom has also completely reimagined his public image – from eccentric and at times struggling to consummate Hollywood leading man – with an ageless good looks, pin-up girlfriend and box office to match.

And those close to him believe the Covid pandemic has helped shift the high-octane actor’s attention away from his complicated personal life and into what he does best: making big-budget films.

Obviously, as Top Gun: Maverick continues to garner millions worldwide, it’s a transition that’s already paying dividends.

Friends say Tom, once obsessed with his image, is now more than ever focused on making feature-length feature films, and this change of mind has helped him move away from controversy and back to the top of the Hollywood tree.

His friend said: “Paramount is willing to put hundreds of millions on Tom for good reason – when he makes a big action movie, he does it bigger and better than anyone else.

“But the most important thing in the last few years is how he began to look at the world a little differently – he realized that he was a major force in filmmaking and felt it was his duty to continue shooting on schedule.

“He hired thousands of people for huge amounts of money, but he knew it was the right thing to do.

“He came out of the pandemic a different person – and the dividends are clear in the results and reviews. He’s as good as ever.”

When Tom turns 60 on July 3rd, his celebrations will no doubt make it clear that this is an important milestone in his extraordinary life at the top of the movie business.

But as far as Tom is concerned, there is clearly much more to come.

Hayley Atwell at the UK premiere of the film


Hayley Atwell at the UK Premiere of Top Gun: Maverick at Leicester Square1 credit
Tom and Hayley attend last year's Wimbledon Championships.


Tom and Hayley attend last year’s Wimbledon Championships.1 credit
Tom's friends include David Beckham and Chris McQuarrie.


Tom’s friends include David Beckham and Chris McQuarrie.
Simon Pegg and James Corden will be invited to Tom's birthday in Britain.


Simon Pegg and James Corden will be invited to Tom’s birthday in Britain.

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