Channel 7 video leaked: Rebecca Maddern and Mike Armor praised for criticizing Novak Djokovic

As leaked uncensored footage of Rebecca Maddern and Mike Amor attack Novak Djokovic, viewers have taken an unexpected stance.

Within hours, footage of two Australian journalists calling Novak Djokovic an “asshole” while a tennis pro awaits a final decision on his visa saga made headlines around the world.

But unlike most viral news reader missteps, the two people at the center of it all received a largely positive response, leading to some speculation that it might all be a “publicity stunt.”

Channel 7 hosts Rebecca Maddern and Mike Amor made headlines on Wednesday after their candid discussion about the Djokovic border control mess was leaked on Twitter.

In the tape, Maddern, who left rival network Nine just a week ago, told Amor: “Anyway, Novak Djokovic is a lying, sneaky, asshole.

“It’s a shame that everyone else is huddled around him.

“Go outside when you know you’re Covid positive – well, I don’t think he was even Covid positive …”

Amor echoed this view, also calling Djokovic an “asshole” and adding, “You have a fucking excuse and then he fell over because of his own fucking lies, which is what is going right?” That’s what happened. “

Maddern went on to ask if Djokovic had lied about his recent travels in his Australian travel declaration, as Amor said, “I think he can get away with it.”

“I think most fair people would say, ‘This guy is an asshole.’ Did they do the right thing on his part? I do not know. They screwed up. That’s the problem, isn’t it, ”he added.

Maddern said she doesn’t think there is “anything to benefit from being placed in immigration hotels.”

“The point is, life is never fair. Some people fly first class … it’s not fair, ”she added.

Channel Seven responded announcing that they had launched an investigation into the “illegal leak” and signaling that the perpetrator would have serious consequences.

But while Maddern herself apologized for the rant, many viewers seemed to find it unnecessary.

In fact, some claimed it was the best news story they had seen in a long time, as it reflected the mood of a number of disaffected Australians watching the Djokovic saga unfold.

“Every Australian must support Rebecca Maddern and Mike Amor. They only say what we and the rest of the world think, ”wrote one of them.

“Great watch. Just saying what 90% of Australians think, ”agreed another.

“This is news that I would have watched. Rebecca Maddern is definitely back on Channel 7, hey, ”was another reply.

“I hope Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern get promoted based on this leaked video,” added another.

Summing up the general consensus, television industry columnist Colin Vickery noted that he did not see how the leak would do any damage to their reputation “if the perpetrator hoped it would.”

So who had access to the staff – and why merge them?

At Triple M’s breakfast in Perth today with Basil and Xav Basil, who is also a Channel 7 employee, added his five kopecks to how the incident happened as the network’s investigation continues.

How was the footage leaked?

“Whatever happens in the newsroom, this channel is available to any repeater that can receive it,” Basil explained.

“So, for example – and I’m just making this up – if the channel in Bendigo receives the 7 Melbourne news, then they are probably pumping (footage).”

He went on to point out that the “hub”, which records everything that happens in the newsroom, was used not only by Seven, but also by the rival network Nine.

“These little stations, they can record this, or the central hub that broadcasts all these things (and) which is not at seven, this is the place that uses the seven and nine news – somebody there could have recorded it.

“Obviously it was originally published somewhere. Whoever posted it first is the link, ”he added after Lewis Martin, managing director of 7 News Melbourne, told 3AW this morning that they were close to identifying the culprit.

Rumor about a “publicity stunt”

Given the support Maddern and Amor received in light of the leak, some have speculated that this was not a mistake at all.

Industry publication TV Blackbox even wrote their own investigation into whether the video was a “trust-breaking leak or an illegal PR stunt,” concluding that the time stamp and their sloppy language made it at least a stretch.

“There has been some speculation that maybe this is a publicity stunt, maybe this is exactly what you want when Beck comes back to deliver some news, perhaps reflecting the mood of most people in Melbourne,” Basil said. this morning, adding that the network “did not take to lie.”

Speaking this morning, Seven Network’s director of news and public affairs Craig McPherson said in a statement, “The illegal recording was a private conversation between two colleagues. It was a behind-the-scenes, cowardly act that violated Victorian wiretapping laws and would be punished accordingly when found. “

Channel 7 Managing Director Lewis Martin told SAW Radio: “There was an illegal recording of a private conversation.

“This is something that will be looked at and carefully studied.

“We will have a result. What happened here is illegal. “

Calls to fire the duo

Not everyone is a team of Amor and Maddern, some viewers are absolutely overwhelmed by the comments.

“Mike Amora and Rebecca Maddern need to be fired. Showing your bias. Disgusting language, ”wrote one of them.

“Rebecca Maddern !! Mike Amor !! not a very good look Oh! Must be fired! ” said another.

This all came just a week after Maddern officially returned to Channel 7 following her departure from Channel 9 late last year.

What a return.

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