Charles Became King in Historic Ceremony First Shown on TV –

At the first official event, the new British monarch was formally proclaimed King Charles III in a ceremony televised for the first time in history.

At 10:00 Moscow time, the Accession Council met in the Art Gallery of St. James’s Palace and then moved to the Throne Room, where the new king was present, to make an official announcement.

Also present were his queen consort Camilla and his son William, now the Prince of Wales. The king made a statement about the fulfillment of all the duties of the king of Great Britain and Northern England, as well as the observance of certain laws of Scotland.

The King said in his speech: “I will strive to follow the inspiring example that has been set for me.”

Charles delivered his speech from the pulpit and then sat down at his desk to sign the papers formally proclaiming him king. The Prince of Wales and the Queen Consort then signed the papers as witnesses.

Flags, half-mast in honor of the late Queen Elizabeth, were almost immediately raised again in honor of the new king.

The ceremony was attended by new British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who met with the late Queen on Tuesday in what was the monarch’s last public duty before her death on Thursday.

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