Charlie Puth tested positive for COVID and has symptoms

His health update comes on the heels of people similar to artists like Doja Cat who have also tested positive.

Charlie PuthuK’s social media output is often characterized by selfies and clips from his recording studio. But as those following the singer-songwriter on Twitter may have noticed yesterday, Charlie’s latest personal update was health-related, and less mild than usual as a result.

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The musician confirmed that he was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and was experiencing a mildly symptomatic case of the respiratory illness in a tweet shared late last night. While Charlie noted that his symptoms had not completely disappeared when he shared the news, it did appear that he had improved since his onset.

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The cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly across America at this time. The increasing broadcast has affected several cast members and their respective team members this week, including Doja Cato, Lil Nas X, and Coldplay, all of which Withdraw from recent performances Either because of their own positive test result, or close contact exposure.

In light of the upward trend in matters both inside and outside Hollywood, Charlie’s COVID-19 announcement included a fitting bid for fans to keep safety in mind during the holiday season.

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“Hello everyone. I tested positive for COVID this morning,” his tweet began. “I don’t feel wonderful but I feel like the worst is behind me.”

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“I write you this update, feeling like a complete asshole, in the hopes that you’ll be safe and careful this holiday season,” Charlie continued. “Love you and I will speak very soon.”

Hey everyone. I tested positive for Covid this morning. I don’t feel amazing but I think the worst is behind me. I write you this update, feeling like a complete asshole, in the hopes that you will be safe and careful this holiday season. Love you and I will talk to you very soon.

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Charlie’s mother Debra Puthu, was one of several Twitter users who took to the comments section of his post with reactions to the diagnosis. “I’m so glad you’ve been vaccinated,” she wrote, accompanied by a string of red heart emojis.

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Health officials are confirming a markedly higher incidence of COVID-19 nationally and around the world in December, as breakthrough cases become more common and new forms emerge. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the safest and most effective way to protect yourself and others from developing severe symptoms of the virus. Visit CDC Website to know more.

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