Charlie Sheen to Stop Paying Denise Richards Child Support

Next chapter Charlie SheenRequest to stop paying your ex-wife. Dennis Richards. Helping children after their eldest daughter, سمیع, Has been allowed to move into her home, We are weekly. Can verify exclusively.

“I think what happened today is very fair,” said Shane, 56. We When he came out of the court, where he appeared in good spirits on Monday, October 4. “Not only does it speak today, it historically speaks with the same justice.”

Of Wall Street The actor applied for an order in December 2019 to change the management of child support at Exes. The real housewives of Beverly Hills. The judge said the 50-year-old alum did not file any opposition paperwork. Alexander Giza. In Monday’s hearing

Shane, who shares. Daughters Sami, 17, and Lola, 16., With Richards, was present for the hearing with his lawyer, Gregory Pedrick., But Richards did not appear. During the hearing, Pedrick asked the judge to order “Zero Child Support” for Richards, arguing that Shane has been in 100% custody of his daughters since April.

Pedrick said no child support order had been filed in court against Sami and Lola, but the former couple had set a 50/50 schedule. However, this arrangement has changed in the last few months.

However, one source said specifically. We On Monday, Richards was not at the hearing because she was “working out of state, of which Charlie was well aware.” “Dennis has never been produced in the court’s history,” Andrew said, adding that “this was done on purpose.” [so she wasn’t able to be there]. ”

The source added: “He filed two years ago and he kept pushing the court date. Dennis kept asking when the date was and he blew it up. He pushed him because he wanted to help this child. Didn’t want the record he was playing. Brooke [Mueller] After affecting the case, he agreed to pay the same amount of child support to both of them.

Charlie Sheen will no longer play Dennis Richards Child Support after walking with his daughter Sami.
Courtesy of Marjorie Hernandez

Insiders claim that the actor has not paid Dennis in at least four years. No child support. He is indebted to her. Lola also lives with Dennis. She is with her father and sister when she is filming. “

Shane’s lawyer claimed Monday Two and a half men. Alum was paying more monthly in child support. The lawyer noted that after Shane filed an initial application, his client set up a 2 1.2 million trust for his daughters.

The judge on Monday ordered that child support for Richards be “zero” and that it would reflect the past by April 1, 2021. Three musketeers. The actor started taking care of the girls full time.

According to Shane’s lawyer, Richards owes him money because he has been paying so much for so long but says Shane is choosing not to return the funds.

The couple’s daughter, Sami, made headlines for a tick talk last month in which she claimed that she was trapped in a ‘disgusting’ house while living with a reality star last year.

Of Anger management Alum Confirmed in September Sami walked out of Richards’ house and with him. Between dramas

“Sam is amazing. I love him and all my children unconditionally. We Through your representative, Jeff Ballard. “We have a ball. GED, here we come!”

In Sami’s video, which was later deleted, he claimed that he “hated” a year ago. [herself]Days will pass without eating or sleeping, very depressed, hating school, etc. Pointing out that his mother’s house was part of the problem.

She notes that she is now “out of hell” and “full of self-love” after leaving high school.

A source said exclusively. We Last month Richards is “saddened” by the situation. And hoped that he and Shen could get along better.

“Dennis is just like any other divorcing parent who deals with a rebellious teenage daughter,” Androni said. “If it is better for Sami. Dennis and Charlie. During this time they were fighting it. They are not.”

Another source explained that the former Bravo star wants to have “limits” to his daughters, which he allegedly does not receive with his father. “Charlie is having a good time, Dad, and well, the rules and curfews aren’t really in the rock,” Andrew added. “And that’s why Sami went to live with her father.”

Shane and Richards. Distributed in 2005 When Bold and beautiful The actress was pregnant with her second child. They finalized their divorce the following year. Richards adopted and married daughter Elvis in 2011. Aaron Phippers In 2018.

Shane received twins, Bob and Max, as his share, then wife Mرller, now 44, in 2009. The couple separated in 2011.

During the second hearing on Monday, Major League Attention was paid to the actor’s request to reduce his children’s support with Mرller. The judge ruled that the hearing should be rescheduled because M مولller was not in attendance.

Mرller’s new lawyer claimed that his client had never been presented with the petition and that he had “no idea” about the motion because he had been retained in the case only last weekend. ۔

Shane’s lawyer argued that his client would “testify that he and [Brooke] Talked about it [petition]The judge ruled that a December court date was necessary before making a final decision.

With Marjorie Hernandez reporting.

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