Chicago Fire Adds New Member to Firehouse 51 for Season 11

A Chicago Fire fan recently shared a post on his page. Instagram, posing with two actors from the series. One is Miranda Ray Mayo and the other is Jake Lockett, who was tagged in the post. Lockett is wearing a traditional dark gray Firehouse 51 T-shirt and dark gray pants. Looks like another firefighter is being added to the group, but we can’t be sure if it’s a permanent job or a temporary one. We have seen many Chicago Fire Department flyers make their way through 51 and leave after one or more episodes.

Lockett has made numerous appearances on popular television series such as Masters of Sex, Hawaii 5-0, Brooklyn 9-9, Community, and NCIS: LA. The actor’s addition to Chicago Fire has not been officially announced, so we can expect Lockett’s role on the show to be shorter. Occasionally, a character from the series appears for one episode before returning in a later season on a full-time basis. This recently happened to Mason (Chris Mansa), who was the only character in season 9 but returned as a recurring character in season 10.

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