Chicago Fire season 11 premiere reveals Bretsy’s fate

With Casey not putting out fires in Portland and Sylvie busy with her paramedic program in Chicago, the couple’s marriage is already showing signs of stress. For example, in the final episode of season 10, their slow dance together at Stellaride’s wedding includes an ominous exchange about the real and metaphorical distance between them. Co-showrunner Andrea Newman spoke about the dangers their relationship faces. Entertainment Weekly“I mean, obviously it’s a struggle. It’s a long distance relationship and you have to make decisions.”

Then, in the final moments of the new episode, a phone conversation between Matt and Sylvie signals that the Brettsey fire has been put out once and for all, as Sylvie appears to have put it out for good. But in typical One Chicago style, when it comes to fans watching and wondering, there’s a teaser that, well, no, maybe this romance didn’t get smooth when a weeping Sylvie tells Casey, “Maybe someday anything.”

As for Brett-minus-Casey’s fate on the show, Newman explained television line that the character developed more and more independence over time and that “in the past we’ve seen her make a lot of concessions in her life for the men in her life, but now she’s at a crossroads where she’s more focused on what her there are solutions.”

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