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Spoiler alert: The following reveals major plot points from the season 8 premiere of NBC’s Chicago Med.

Steven Webber as Dean Archer, Eptha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin, Guy Lockard as Dylan Scott

NBC’s Chicago Med returns for its eighth season tonight and while a series will be said goodbye to, there’s also a shocking return in the final beats of a celebratory episode.

And so is the life of emergency services workers, which is unpredictable and often complex and demanding. But as seasons unfold, what’s always certain is that Gaffney Chicago Medical Center knows how to always bring the drama.

The episode picks up moments after the season 7 finale in which Will Halstead’s (Nick Gehlfs) apartment building catches fire, endangering him, Dylan Scott (Guy Lockard), Hannah Asher (Jesse Schramm). , and Dylan’s love interest Milena/Joe (Riley Vocal), among others.

All four make it to the ER but not everyone is in good shape. Milena/Joe, who was accidentally shot by Dylan when she tried to defend him against a member of the Serbian mafia, dies on the table and Dylan is devastated. Moments before he passed, he asked Dylan not to blame himself for his death but it wasn’t a request he could grant.

After joining the series in season 7, Lockard has officially exited the series.

Crockett Marcel (Dominic Raines) is still reeling from his decision not to help his love interest, Dr. Pamela Blake (Sarah Rafferty), when she undergoes a critical operation and leave her as his power of attorney. gave Frustrated and desperate, Crockett tries to talk himself out of working in the transplants but Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) tells him that he is too far into his training to get out of the program.

For now, Blake has been ruled out of surgery due to his injury and as a result, Rafferty will also not be appearing in the series.

Chicago MedChicago Med

Brian T. as Ethan Choi, Jesse Schram as Hannah Asher, Nick Gehlfs as Will Holst

Hannah is alive and well but wheezing, leaving Ethan Choi (Brian T) to investigate the case further. Although she’s been sober for at least two years, Hannah suffers from interstitial disease, the result of her years as a heroin addict who was triggered by fire breathing.

Dr. Choi has been dealing with a lot since his father’s death, but he was given a big surprise at the end of the episode. While visiting his father’s final resting place, he bumps into April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta), his former love.

Dan Archer (Steven Webber) also gets a surprise, receiving a call from his estranged son, Sean Archer, who is currently incarcerated.

KristenBellTattoos.com spoke with executive producers Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider to discuss the above events and what it means for the future.

KristenBellTattoos.com: Yaya DeCosta’s return was such a big surprise! Is she back safely now?

DIANE FROLOV: Let’s just say she’s coming back and we’re going to tackle the Ethan/April relationship in a way that we hope will make you dance.

KristenBellTattoos.com: It looks very positive! Would you say that maybe they need some time to get where they are going? Can something as tragic as the death of Ethan’s father bring them closer together?

Andrew Schneider: It is perfect. Both needed time to grow and change.

DEADLINE: Along with this joy, there is a bit of sadness at Guy’s departure. Was this always the plan?

FROLOV: Well, we come to the end of his story. We felt like we told her story the same way we told Steve’s (Kristen Hager) story. It was a story about a doctor constantly conflicted with his history as a policeman. And now the death of his girlfriend has really shaken him and put him on a new path, a different path. But as you’ve seen with April and some of our other characters, just because people move doesn’t mean they stay away.

Schneider: Guy was great on the show and a great guy to work with. We welcome it anytime.

DEADLINE: Losing Steve was also devastating when she decided to go back to her husband while Halstead was there!

Schneider: I mean, she might as well leave her husband.

FROLOV: That’s the fun of having a big cast playing doctors because a lot of it happens in hospitals.

DEADLINE: Were Halstead and Sharon working on this case or will we see a trial this season?

Schneider: We’re actually going to take Will and Goodwin in a slightly different direction. In a way, we’ve put that story to bed. But the two of them will be involved in more shenanigans together.

FROLOV: Everything has consequences for Will with his apartment.

KristenBellTattoos.com: While we’re on the subject of Halstead, from his younger brother Detective Jay Halstead Chicago PD, is going to be written out somehow with Jesse Lee Soffer’s exit from the show. How will it be? MedHas Halstead dealt with it?

FROLOV: We have a moment with Will in this case and him missing his brother.

Schneider: And Goodwin is sympathetic. We don’t see Jay. [Med] But you feel the emotional impact of his departure.

KristenBellTattoos.com: This sounds sad.

FROLOV: Okay fine, [Will’s] Hope about it.

Schneider: And he is also optimistic about his future.

DEADLINE: He’s been through a lot and now that his building has burned down, will he finally find his footing again?

FROLOV: He’s going to come out of it and you’re going to see him in Episode 2. A big part of his story is initially going to be about the lack of a hospital, which sounds a bit boring but has a huge impact on our doctors. When they can’t get the medicine or supplies they need. This raises all sorts of ethical dilemmas like when deciding who gets what.

Schneider: As Goodwin has to mediate between his doctors who are fighting over the occasional scarce supply.

DEADLINE: What can you tease about Crockett and Pamela and their future?

Schneider: Let’s just say, they’re both dealing with the aftermath of the decision made in the finale about her surgery. Both of these have major implications going forward.

KristenBellTattoos.com: Will she be here this season?

FROLOV: No she won’t. She has gone to rehab. We’ll refer to it but we won’t see it.

Schneider: But surely the bottom line is she can come back. Again, it’s an open question but he has to deal with the emotional consequences of his decision.

FROLOV: We’ve made plans for her in terms of her love life, but this season you’ll see it build. Chicago MedCelebrity Dr. And he has some great transplants coming.

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