Chicago Med fans don’t hide their thoughts on Connor and Robin

Fan attitudes towards the couple surfaced when a discussion titled “Opinions on Connor and Robin?” erupted on the “Chicago Med” subreddit. original poster you/jinxs_despair counted the relationship fan votes and found that of the 380 who voted for Robcon’s novel, 19.4% voted their approval, saying, “I love the ship,” while 12.4% voted no, saying, “I hate the ship.” .” In the same Redditor thread u / full surround sound felt that the Robin-Connor relationship on the show was flawed, writing that the couple “deserved better! … I’d like to see them get back together and get back together.” User u / Intellectual health53 also thought that the show had let the characters down, then added, “They were a great couple and [he] even supported her during a mental health crisis.” Another poster compared them favorably to Rhodes’ later, tragically ended romance with Ava Becker (Norma Cooling), writing, “I loved them together. Much better than when he was with Dr. Becker.”

However, it is clear that Robin’s mental health issues are affecting her “normal” romantic relationships. As actress Mekia Cox herself put it: Spoiler TV in a 2017 interview: “You see how hard it is for someone who has experienced something like this to return to a normal life, or at least try to return.” She then adds, “You don’t understand what’s going on inside this body that you’ve lived in for 30+ years.” None of the characters have appeared in the series since 2019, so it is unlikely that the series will return to its previous state. However, fans can always mentally pretend that these two have sorted out their differences and found a way to make them work…scars and all.

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