Chick-fil-A employee stops man from stealing woman’s car with child

One Chick-fil-A an employee in Florida took “My pleasure” to another level on Wednesday afternoon. Mikel Gordon prevented the theft of the car of a woman traveling with a child! A popular video shows Meikel grabbing and holding a 43-year-old man. William Branch in the parking lot of a restaurant until the police arrived and arrested him. People on social media are now praising Mikel for his bravery, including in his workplace.

“It’s a HERO! This is Mikel Gordan,” the restaurant wrote on its Facebook page. “At Chick-fil-A, our mission is to serve, and today Mikel has gone further… to save.

This is the second time Mikel has been called a hero. In 2018, Maikel helped two teenage girls after crane fell on your vehicle, Daily News Northwest Florida.

William tries to steal a car, Mikel intervenes

According to statement from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, the robbery attempt took place in the Fort Walton Beach area. The injured woman told police that William approached her while lifting her little nephew from the car seat. She said William came up to her “waving a stick and demanding her keys.”

With the baby in her arms, the woman backed away from William. But he allegedly rushed in her direction, snatching the car keys from the waistband of her pants. Keys in hand, William climbed into the woman’s car.

When the victim started calling for help [Mykel Gordan] ran to intervene,” the statement said. “Branch punched the young man in the face, but the second victim was not seriously hurt.”

The video shows both men rolling around the parking lot, fighting for control of the situation. But in the end, Mykel defeats William by pinning him to the ground with a choke hold. Then Mykel stands up with his hand on the wrong side of William’s shirt collar. By this point, several Chick-fil-A employees have joined in the chaos.

A few seconds later, the nearest witness enters the camera frame. Holding the baby girl, she chastised William a few feet away from where he was sitting.

“She had a baby in her arms. How dare you? How dare you scare her like that!” the woman screamed.

The incident is believed to have been William’s second carjacking attempt.

Mykel also told MPs that this was William’s second vehicular incident that day. NBC News. About 10 minutes before the carjacking attempt, William allegedly climbed into another woman’s car and opened the driver’s door.

He climbed inside and sat on the woman, using “all his weight” On her. The woman screamed for help, and Maikel ran to help. He claims to have driven William away.

Well, we now know that William supported and scared another woman, only to end up being stopped by Mykel. According to a police statement, the sheriff’s office accused William of stealing a car with a gun and batteries.

Florida Chick-fil-A employee Mikel Gordan has been hailed as a hero after stopping 43-year-old William Branch from stealing the car of a woman traveling with a child.

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