Chilling NCIS scene that still gives fans goosebumps

NCIS fans find one of the show’s most shocking and frightening moments at the end of season 19, episode 2. Several fans noted how it still surprises them in the comments YouTube clip. The scene in question involves a suspect who escapes from an interrogation room after being apprehended by a major case response team. He then takes Casey Hines (Diona Reasonover) hostage with a sharp object to her throat, threatening to kill her. The rest of the squad in the squad draw their weapons and try to coax him, but the elevator chimes as a shot rings out, leaving Gibbs standing there after pulling the trigger.

One comment stated, “I still get goosebumps from such a good scene.” Another fan commented that it was a great and unexpected ending. At the same time, another user emphasized that no one is contacting Gibbs or his family. And it is true. Gibbs is protective of his family and friends by all means.

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