Chloe Ferry’s fans say the same thing when she strikes a sexy pose in a Fendi bikini.

Fans of CHLOE Ferry were left itching after noticing some interesting tan lines on her legs.

The 26-year-old star Geordie Shore posed in a Fendi bikini that showed off her curves, a new tattoo and some patches on the back of her legs that Kristen Bell Tattoos’s rays seem to have missed.


Chloe Ferry in a sexy Fendi bikini1 credit

Khloe has posted two photos of herself in designer bikinis, the first of her sitting cross-legged on a wooden bench and running a hand through her dark hair.

In another photo, Chloe is lying on her stomach and looking at the camera.

“A lot of things in life can be regretted, but fendi is not one of those,” she signed the post.

Manu from her fans praised Khloe for her good looks, but others were quick to point out some tan lines under her buttocks.

“What’s the story with the two lines on the back of your legs?” a fan asked before others explained their reason.

One fan wrote: “Get those tan lines too hahaha 😍.”

Chloe Ferry shows off massive new booty tattoo in tiny pink bikini
Chloe Ferry strips down to a tiny purple bikini and shows off her new booty tattoo

And another added: “You generally have a big ass if you don’t have tan lines under your cheeks.”

Khloe had a cosmetic procedure, a Brazilian butt lift, in 2020 to make her butt look bigger.

Khloe has admitted in the past that she has spent over £50,000 on the surgery and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

Since becoming famous in 2015, Khloe has undergone a number of procedures, including two nose surgeries, a breast implant, a buttock lift, and conventional fillers.

Khloe also had veneers, tattooed eyebrows, and dermal cheek fillers, as well as painful liposuction on her thighs and abdomen, and fat injections in her ass.

More recently, she’s set her sights on getting more tattoos and gave fans a glimpse of her huge tattoos in a clip reminiscent of her recent holiday in Ibiza.

Turning away from the camera, a huge, detailed flower tattoo could be seen swirling from her left thigh, across her ass, and down to the middle of her thigh.

Khloe is a fan of body art and showed off an Arabic tattoo on her spine in 2020.

The Arabic inscriptions show Chloe’s love for international languages ​​and join the Japanese inscriptions on her left rib.

Chloe also has a chicken leg, “shhh” and a heart on her fingers.

Her other tattoos include an inscription on her thigh and the letters “MM” on her leg.

She recently got a wrist tattoo in honor of her ex, Sam Gowland.

The ink on the wrist now reads “Salmon” with a picture of a fish underneath.

Last year, she opened up about her regret over a tattoo she got while getting drunk with pal Bethan Kershaw.

Chloe’s tattoo says “keep me safe” on her wrist.

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Her buddy’s matching tattoo reads, “Keep me pissed.”

Bethan’s cheeky ink incorporates the Newcastle slang “radding” which means to get excited or sexually aroused.

Fans couldn't help but notice the tan lines under her buttocks.


Fans couldn’t help but notice the tan lines under her buttocks.1 credit
Other fans were quick to point out that the tan lines were due to Khloe's big butt, which she got with a Brazilian butt lift in 2020.


Other fans were quick to point out that the tan lines were due to Khloe’s big butt, which she got with a Brazilian butt lift in 2020.1 credit

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