Chris Hemsworth trolls brother Liam on his birthday

Liam Hemsworth may be a grown 32-year-old now, but that doesn’t stop big brother Chris from getting Mickey out of his little brother.

Chris Hemsworth at the gym (right), Liam Hemsworth sitting at his birthday party (left), Chris Hemsworth smiling (center)

Liam Hemsworth may be a grown 32-year-old now, but that doesn’t stop big brother Chris from getting Mickey out of his little brother. actor “Thor” took up Instagram wish Liam a happy birthdaybut he just He could not resist and made fun of him a little.

The first image in Chris’ carousel post was of Liam shirtless, looking like he just finished a workout, with toned abs and biceps in full screen.


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Chris joked: “I hope you finally get in shape this year”

Referring to his brother’s skinny build, Chris joked in the caption, “Happy birthday @liamhemsworth, I hope you finally get in shape and take care of yourself this year.”

“To help you with your makeover, I’m giving you a 10% discount on your @centrfit membership #familydiscount love you.”

“Centr” is a fitness app founded by a father of three who is described as “Chris Hemsworth’s team in one app.” On the venture capital website, Hemsworth wrote “I spend most of my life working with amazing experts in health, nutrition, mindfulness and exercise, so I thought, Why not share this?”

“That’s why we created Centr. And that’s why we’re giving you the chance to spend a lifetime with this amazing team that will support you every step of the way.”

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Chris also shared a topless shot of Liam next to balloons and a birthday cake.

In addition to poking fun at his brother’s muscles, Chris shared a sweet snap of Liam in what appears to be his pajamas, giving a “thumbs up” next to a bunch of helium balloons and a birthday cake. On the table in front of him were also a bunch of colorfully wrapped presents and a large bouquet of flowers.

If you look closely, you can see a pack of Harry Potter gummies and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Last but not least, in the latest photo shared by Chris, baby Liam is looking at the camera wearing an adorable white knit sweater embellished with gray bunnies.

In addition, said Liam’s girlfriend Gabriella Brooks. gave a subtle nod to her boyfriend’s birthday on her Instagram stories. The model shared a cute black-and-white photo of Liam next to his dog, with “Birthday <3" written next to it.

She then posted another black and white shot of the two of them together – she is partially covered by a hoodie while he makes a funny face.

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