Chris Pine, 41, wears leggings and looks unrecognizable with a chunky beard when he grabs coffee in Los Angeles.

CHRIS Pine, 41, with a huge beard and leggings, looked unrecognizable when he stopped for coffee in Los Angeles.

The Star Trek actor sleepily drank his coffee in an ensemble with white birken stocks.


Chris Pine was at ease as he drove to Los Angeles, California for coffee.1 credit
The actor grew a massive beard and became unrecognizable


The actor grew a massive beard and became unrecognizable1 credit

In early January, Chris drove sleepily into Los Angeles for Blue Bottle, a fashionable coffee brand.

His casual look consisted of a gray zip-up hoodie, black jogging shorts paired with black athletic leggings, and contrasting white double-strap Birkenstock sandals.

He glanced sleepily at the camera and at his surroundings before setting off again.

Along with the minimal ensemble, the actor also donned a huge graying beard and long hair that partially covered his face.

Chris grabbed coffee in a gray zip-up hoodie.


Chris grabbed coffee in a gray zip-up hoodie.1 credit
He also wore leggings and white sandals.


He also wore leggings and white sandals.1 credit
All star outfit


All star outfit1 credit

Looks like he climbed into the back seat of the car with his coffee and snack.

Chris famously wore super-casual looks to bring coffee.

Earlier in January, Chris hit the same spot – Blue Bottle – wearing a black zip-up hoodie and bright orange sandals

In fact, he has been seen so many times grabbing a cup of coffee in his casual attire that Twitter users have collected tribute about it.

“My daily mood is Chris Pine running with coffee,” the user wrote along with several pictures of the Wonder Woman 1984 star.

However, Chris usually did not have such a massive beard in the past.

It’s unclear if he’s trying out portrayals or just mixing things up.


Chris allegedly dated stars of the first magnitude from Zoe Kravitz to Olivia Munn, who had a son Malcolm Hype Mulani from comedian John Mulani in November 2021.

Olivia allegedly dated Chris for five months in 2009.

The couple are said to have announced their separation in January 2010.

Chris has been dating girlfriend Annabelle Wallis since 2018.

The Hills: New Beginnings star Audrina Partridge spoke about Hollywood Raw podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn she and Chris also dated in 2009, but broke up because he was not interested in her “club” scene.

Audrina said their “life was completely different” and they couldn’t make it work, although they did have an interesting kiss that she “will never forget.”


Audrina said about their affair in 2009: “So, in The Hills, our life was completely different, so opposite.

“He was more of a real actor, a theatrical one, and he liked to read books and jazz music, he didn’t really like going to clubs or something like that.

“And at that time in my life that was all I did, went to clubs, because we were filming all the time and were among people.”

Even though it didn’t work, Audrina revealed that Chris was “a nice guy, very charming and a gentleman.”

During an Italian dinner, they shared a very sweet, spontaneous kiss involving squid.

Chris ordered black squid pasta and she “didn’t know what it was” at the time – his lips were completely blackened while eating.

With his dirty lips, she recalled: “He looked at me and said:” You are so beautiful, can I kiss you? ”

“And I thought, ‘Okay.’ So, I kissed him with black lips. Anyway, I didn’t care. But I will never forget that. “

Chris allegedly dated Zoe Kravitz as well as Audrina Partridge from The Hills.


Chris allegedly dated Zoe Kravitz as well as Audrina Partridge from The Hills.1 credit
The actor is best known in the well-received 2009 Star Trek reboot and Wonder Woman.


The actor is best known in the well-received 2009 Star Trek reboot and Wonder Woman.1 credit
Chris Pine’s frontal scene in Outlaw King

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