Chris Pratt says he’s ‘non-religious’ despite longtime Hillsong rumors

It’s a rumor that has haunted him for years, but Chris Pratt has made a surprising confession about his religious ties in a new interview.

Chris Pratt sets the record.

In an interview for Men’s health In the headline of a July/August article, Pratt, 43, explained that he is “not a religious person” and has never attended Hillsong Church. Over the years, the actor has been criticized for his association with religion.

In 2019 guardians of the galaxy the star has been associated with the Hillsong Church, which has been accused of being anti-LGBTQ+. During the accusations, he said, “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

“I have never been to Hillsong. In fact, I have never been to Hillsong. I don’t know anyone from this church,” he shared with Men’s health. Pratt said he decided not to say it at the time because he didn’t want to “throw the church under the bus”.

Pratt shared that he sometimes attends Zoe’s church, as well as the Catholic church where his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger grew up.

jurassic world The actor shared that “I’m not actually a religious person,” adding, “Religion has been fucking oppressive for a long time.”

Although he does not consider himself religious, Pratt has shared that he has faith.

“I did not know that I would become the face of religion, although in fact I am not a religious person. I think there’s a difference between being religious – adhering to man-made customs, often appropriating reverence for what I believe to be a very real God – and using it to control people, take people’s money, mock children, steal land to justify hatred,” he said.

“Whatever it is. The evil that resides in the heart of every human being perched on the back of religion and left with it.”

The exit addressed Pratt’s backlash he received on social media and he said, “You never want to be caught complaining or anything because I have so many blessings. I truly consider everything a blessing in my life. [But] why are they following me?”

In May, Pratt and his wife had a second girl. “We are so excited to announce the birth of our second daughter, Eloise Christina Schwarzenegger Pratt,” the couple wrote on social media. “Mom and baby are doing well. We feel incredibly blessed and grateful.”

The couple welcomed their first daughter, Layla Maria, in August 2020. Pratt shares a son, Jack, with his ex-wife, Anna Faris.

In April, guardians Director James Gunn defended Pratt after a fan called for the actor to be replaced in the Marvel Universe.

Gunn then responded to a fan on Twitter, saying that Pratt would “never” be replaced due to “completely false beliefs”.

“For what? Because of your made-up, completely false ideas about him?” Gunn began. “Because someone else told you lies about him? Chris Pratt will never be replaced as Star-Lord, but if he ever If he was, we would all go with him.”

A fan first tweeted a photo of Pratt alongside Patrick Wilson, captioning the image “Marvel. Listen to me. Just…replace it.

Pratt is playing the role of Star-Lord and will next be seen in Thor: Love and Thunder in July and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in May 2023.

In 2020, Pratt was voted the “worst Hollywood Chris” in an internet challenge, causing his wife and his Marvel co-stars Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo to defend him on social media.

This story originally appeared on Fox News and reproduced with permission

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