Chris Tegan posted sexy dance but John Legend focuses on ‘White Lotus’

Like most of us, John Legend is inclined towards it. White lotus Not even his wife. Chair tagin It is possible to remove it from the new HBO show.

The satirical dramatic anthology series premiered in July this year, influencing reviews. Legally blonde. Star Jennifer College and. American horror story Alumni Connie Burton, among others.

Of Common people The singer recently appeared in a video posted by Tagin where he is so focused on watching the series that he barely pays attention to her sexy tricks.

Chris Tegan calls out to ignore John Legend while watching ‘The White Lotus’

“John won’t recognize my new compression socks,” Tagin captioned the video of his dance in white, thigh-high socks.

The legend smiles as his wife parades in front of the TV, but we’re all there: her stare is one of those focused on watching the show and someone who obviously doesn’t want to be upset. ۔

He looks very much at it., “One follower commented.

Another follower wrote, “There are so many humanitarian crises for him now, not Chrissy Tegin.”

Despite the crunching video, Legend and Tagin hit things off on social media when they reacted to being called out with a series of heart-eyed emojis.

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The legend has helped Tegan a lot after a bullying scandal, which he admitted.

Earlier this year, the model said she had previously been guilty of abusing a teenager, Courtney Stodden, who told a non-binary model to kill herself.

“There’s no excuse for my horrible tweets from the past. My goals didn’t deserve them. No one does. Many of them needed sympathy, kindness, understanding and help, not my spirituality in a way. Mold as a casual, hilarious comedy. ” Tegin wrote in a lengthy apology published in June this year.

“I was a troll, a full stop. And I’m so sorry,” he concluded.

After a break from social media, Tegan sold his beloved Twitter account to Instagram, where he announced the third Cookbook. All together To be released soon. While Some followers could not see his disturbing behavior.Most of his fans were excited as he got back on his feet, dedicating the book to his late son Jack.

Tagin explained what the book meant to him. After disappearing last year.

The model wrote, “It’s incredibly difficult to explain what this book means to me. How do you come up with a funny, captivating caption for a book that has literally saved you?”

“I had no theme in mind when we made this book – all I knew was that I wanted a whole new energy, but I also needed rest, your family, the people around you. ۔

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Madonna via Instagram
Fans reminded Madonna that she was “no more 20” because she posted playful pictures.

Madonna’s fans are reminding her that she is 62 years old.

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