Christina Aguilera branded a ‘flop’ when she released a new album.

Critics claim that Christina Aguilera stopped being successful some time ago.

Christina Aguilera is holding sweet cucumbers.
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Pop princess Christina Aguilera Twitter has become a bit of a joke after being teased. Her upcoming album

If anyone goes to meet. Official website From the famous “Jenny in a Bottle” singer, she will get a simple black screen with a message written for all fans and viewers. “Radiscobendo Rice. Nos vemos pronto” is written in large white letters in the middle of the black screen. See you later. “Latif starts teasing the message. Aguilera’s upcoming album. Includes only Spanish songs.

Back in July 2021, Aguilera shared the news of his upcoming work as he revealed that two albums were about to be released, one in English and one in Spanish. While talking Two fabs. On July 12, Aguilera released an upcoming album.Two different feelingsThat will cover every album.

The singer went into more detail about recording in Spanish as she compared her future album to her first Spanish record, the title of which was released 21 years ago. MI Reflex. (My photo)

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Aguilera reflected her cultural background which influenced the new album. “I’m culturally exploring my roots a little bit more, I’m singing about my father and it’s always been an interesting, private but layered subject for me,” she said. I’m really looking forward to it from the Spanish with a special song, and hopefully the fans will really appreciate the honesty and love from where I am now. ”

However, after the teaser of the recent album, the singer faced a cruel reaction from the trolls calling it a “flop”. some time ago

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“OMG she’s going to flop again,” said one critic. Others used Agilera for her choice of making a Spanish album. He claimed that he did not have the appropriate cultural experience to produce Spanish material.

Another troll, Aguilera, asked, “Maybe that means hair roots that will let them grow. Who knows?” Another commented, “When I found out I was 5 Iberian and immediately signed up for a Spanish degree.”

One critic even accused Aguilera of writing an album in Spanish because of the flop of his career. “I like that when American artists flop, they always start signing in Spanish,” he said.

Others claim that Aguilera has taken the wrong step in promoting his new music. Adele’s newly announced return.. A lot of people think the album will be a tank because everyone loves Adele’s music.

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