Christina Ricci of the Yellowjackets talks about the sad thing her managers worried about in the 90s

An extensive interview along with her Yellow Vests was co-hosted by Toni Cypress, Juliette Lewis and Melanie Lynskey with Hollywood ReporterChristina Ricci discussed, among a number of other topics, several discouraging instructions she received from her agents in the 90s.

Ricci opened up about it after THR interviewer Rebecca Keegan mentioned the fact that she, Cypress, Lewis and Lynskey fall under what could be considered the character actor umbrella. β€œIn the past, a ‘character actress’ was an ugly woman,” Ricci said. She then went on to reveal how her agents specifically warned her not to look like Fast Times at Ridgemont High star Jennifer Jason Leigh. “I thought, ‘I like her.’ They were so afraid that I would not be a leading lady, that I would not be sexually attractive to people. It was really the last thing I ever wanted to be attracted to someone,” Ricci continued.

Of course, in the late 90s, when Ricci’s agents gave her this so-called guidance, she was still a teenager, which may have exacerbated its irrelevance. Luckily, today Ricci seems to be thriving and able to casually talk about what at the time was most likely a difficult experience that could very well negatively impact her acting career in the future.

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