Christine McGuinness looks incredible supporting the Lionesses as she unearths “women supporting women.”

CHRISTINE McGuinness looked incredible supporting the Lionesses at Wembley today.

Wearing a skin-tight white bodysuit and jeans, the 34-year-old wowed everyone as she cheered for England in the Women’s Euro final.


Christine McGuinness showed off her amazing figure as she supported the Lionesses in the Euro final today.1 credit
Christine and Paddy McGuinness announced their split earlier this month.


Christine and Paddy McGuinness announced their split earlier this month.1 credit

Christina shared a picture of herself standing in the crowd at the historic event with her Instagram followers.

The mom-of-three showed off her incredible figure in a white strappy top and blue ripped jeans.

The star, who recently split from husband Paddy McGuinness, paid tribute to the England women’s team in a caption.

Kristin captioned the post: “Things I love to see 😍

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“Women Supporting Women”
Go against the grain
Do what they love
Believe in yourself
Fight for equality
And our country follows them with cries of “Yes, girls.”

“‘LET’S ENGLAND’🏴̠̠̠̠̠̠̠̠̠̠̠́ᬠᠠᎡ@lionesses.”

Despite her words of encouragement, it could also be seen as a sly attack on Paddy, 48, after it was revealed she accused her husband of flirting with the blonde-looking TV star when their marriage fell apart.

It comes after Kristin and Paddy announced earlier this month that they had split after 15 years of marriage.

Each couple posted identical statements on Instagram, where they talked about the “difficult decision”.

In a joint statement signed with a kiss, Christina, 34, and Paddy, 48, said they are committed to being “the best parents they can be.”

The couple has three children – twins Leo and Penelope, eight years old, and Felicity, five years old.

They wrote, “We didn’t plan on sharing this publicly until we were ready, but after the lack of privacy surrounding our personal lives, we were left with no choice but to clarify.

“Some time ago we made the difficult decision to separate, but our main goal, as always, is to continue to love and support our children.

“It was not an easy decision, but we are moving forward as the best parents we can be for our three beautiful children.

“We will always be a loving family, we still have a great relationship, and we still live happily together in our family home.”

They added: “We hope this now draws a line under the unwanted invasion of our privacy.

“While we operate in the public eye, we kindly ask that you respect our wishes for privacy in this matter.”

Paddy and Christine concluded, “We won’t make any further comment,” before adding their names with a kiss.

It was later revealed that Christina was “furious” after accusing her husband of secretly flirting with a second TV girl.

The ex-model confessed to her friends that she suspected he was hooked up with the blonde after she was previously told that he kissed another TV star.

After their breakup, Christina was seen in Cheshire dejected and also wearing her wedding ring.

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Meanwhile, Paddy broke his silence on social media for the first time since their shock breakup on Wednesday.

The TV presenter turned to his Instagram stories to take a look at all the snacks the Top Gear team packed into the car ahead of the new series.

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