Clara Dao reflects on her path to superstar on social media

Clara Dao, with 1.3 million followers on TikTok alone, is a social media superstar known for her tough stance on her body and the importance of unconditional self-love. The question is, when and how did her journey to becoming an internet sensation begin?

Things met with Clara to hear about her early days as a YouTuber, which paved the way for her phenomenal success today.

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Clara Says YouTube Has Become Her Bridging Mechanism

Each icon has its own origin story, and Clara Dao is no exception to the rule. “I went through a very difficult breakup a few years ago,” she says. Remembering where she was at that time in her life, she continues: “I was still in love with an ex who didn’t suit me, and I just wanted to start over.”


“After the breakup, a lot of people dye or cut their hair,” he said. Clara shrugs before chuckling. mat drastic changes wanted to put themselves in their place. I needed a creative outlet. ” This is how youtuber was born.

Clara talks about her dream of becoming a YouTuber

While the tough breakup may have been the catalyst for Klara, who decided to take the plunge and launched her eponymous YouTube channel, she dreamed of joining the platform years ago. In fact, Clara reveals that her beginning has been a long one.

“I always wanted to be youtuber” she explains, beaming with pride for having fulfilled one of her wildest dreams. Having said that, she quickly remarks that she didn’t expect it to – or would – eventually become her permanent job.

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Noting that she was in her third year at university when she first started creating content, Clara admits: “I kind of thought I was going to be an employee somewhere – and that was fine with me.”

In regards to the phenomenal success she has achieved since then, the former communications student boasts that it was a pleasant surprise she could never have fully foreseen: “I absolutely dreamed about it, but didn’t expect it.”

“It was unexpected, but at its best!” she adds.

Clara reveals what she would have said to herself as a child

Considering that her beginnings on YouTube and the subsequent astronomical rise on TikTok were originally due to a difficult time in her life, we asked Klara if she would like, if she had the opportunity, to tell her younger self about what should have happened. “Yes!” she exclaims without thinking twice. “It would be fantastic!”

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So, what would she say knowing what she knows today?

“You don’t know what the future holds. Life can change. [for the better] in an instant, as long as you have hope and dedication. ” As for her advice to others looking to follow in her footsteps and use YouTube as their own creative outlet, Clara smiles that it all comes down to one simple step. That is just the beginning!

“If you have a desire to show yourself there,” she begs track it’s a desire! ” With 397K YouTube subscribers, 125K Instagram followers and over 30M Likes on TikTok, this is one of the content creators’ tips that we’re more than willing to follow!

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