Clara Dao reveals her biggest New Year’s resolution

Clara Dao, a self-love icon with a massive following, there can be no doubt that she’s driven, but this year she’s determined to take a more casual approach to content creation.

However, that doesn’t mean she has any plans to reduce her social media presence. On the contrary, looking back at what worked for her in 2021, Clara explained that going with the flow really is increased her performance, and she’s set to bring that same energy into 2022.

Things caught up with Clara to learn more about her easy approach to crushing.


Clara Dao reveals why going with the flow is her New Year’s resolution

“In previous years, I always aspired to make or achieve more, “ Clara shares, adding that she put a lot of pressure on herself as a result.

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“Certainly,” She is laughing, Little good pressure!

“But not to the point where I get tense about what I think I should be doing.”

Clara Dao talks about her experience of emotional burnout

Recalling the feelings of pressure she faced in the past, Clara admits that stress eventually led to burnout.

“There was a time when I was so burned out that I didn’t even post content,” it reflects.

“I just felt too locked in my own head to do it.”

“I never want to go back to the place where I go for months and months without sharing anything because of the pressure” she says, determination flashing in her eyes.

The Most Important Lesson Clara Dao Learned in 2021

Luckily for Clara, she not felt the same pressure since March 2021, when I decided to completely change my approach.

“In 2021, I really realized the importance of taking life as it comes and keeping up with the times. flow.

“I learned to relax more and not force myself to do things.”

“Currently,” she explains “When I start to feel pressure, I take a moment to remind myself that everything is perfect and that I don’t have to stress because everything will work out. themselves out.”

The slowdown accelerated Clara Dao’s success – here’s why

While many aspiring content creators may feel that a slowdown could have a devastating effect on their engagement, Clara is quick to point out that her new approach is actually enhanced her height.

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“When I was more relaxed with my content, it grew a lot faster than when I was worried about releasing videos,” she chuckles, thinking her energy might have something to do with it.

“Your energy really translates into everything you do and your audience can sense if you’re tense; intuitively immediately.”

A more laid-back approach also resulted in more productivity.

Another benefit of slowing down? More inspiration.

“The more casual approach helped me feel more relaxed, but it also inspired me and ended up releasing even more content – because i wanted, “ Clara is beaming.

Clara has already spoken Things back to where she really is enjoyed Creating content was important to her, and as it turns out, making yourself feel better made it possible.

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“Once I allowed myself to relax more, I fell in love with the content again”

“I have found that the less pressure I put on myself, the more productive I am.”

Therefore, it is not surprising that she concludes: “My decision for 2022 is to go with the flow so I can just keep enjoying life.”

Well, if Clara can maximize her height while making life easier for herself, there’s no reason the rest of us shouldn’t follow suit. For a calmer 2022!

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