Clara Dao’s advice to aspiring content creators

With over 30 million likes on TikTok alone, it’s safe to say that Clara Dao knows a thing or two about creating content that people want to see! Ever since Klara found her niche in body positivity, her rise to fame has been a tough one – and now she is ready to share her secrets of success with the world.

Things chatted with the social media superstar to hear her tips on how to not only get followers, but also create community

Clara at the moment when she found her niche in the space of body positive

Nothing less than a body positive icon, it would be surprising to know that self-love was not, in fact, Clara’s first port when it came to content creation. In fact, her first body positive video This happened just 4 months after the creation of her eponymous YouTube channel.


Laughing that she first pondered the idea of ​​a lifestyle channel – a creative exit after a tough breakup – Clara played with a whole host of different topics before turning to what she had direct experience with. her life: the shame of the body.

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“I realized that this is exactly what people wanted to see,” She shares, noting that at the time, few (if any) content creators used social media to talk about bullying for having flat breasts. “This has become my niche.”

Clara’s advice to those who have not yet identified their niche (yet!)

Finding a niche is the key to growing popularity on social media, Klara said. “Of course, you can increase your subscribers by creating more generalized content,” she nods, returning to the pattern of life as an example, “But it gets much more difficult.”

So what’s a novice niche content creator to do?

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“Experiment with different themes” Clara proposes, noting that it precisely defines what makes us different usually the best way forward. “Everyone has something unique to share, so think about what makes you special.”

Anything maybe a niche, “she convinces, promising that everything that will be placed there, “This will resonate with someone. ”

How to stop letting fear of judgment hold you back from your dreams

Looking back on her early days as a content creator, Clara reveals that self-doubt prevented her from expressing herself earlier. She is now passionate about encouraging others to overcome their fears and just get started.

The first step to making this happen, she says, is to debunk the myth that you are being judged.

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“To be honest, nobody judges you, “ she shrugs with a slight chuckle in her voice. “And if they are” she continues, “It will only take a couple of seconds before they move on to something else!”

Clara wants content creators to be kind to themselves

When it comes to self-esteem, Clara emphasizes how important it is to take yourself easier. After all, if anyone knows that we are newbies, this is USSo who better to give a little grace? For Clara, the easiest way to be kinder to herself is to give up comparisons.

“When you are just starting out, do not compare yourself to others, and definitely do not compare your beginning with the middle of another. “

“Just start at your own pace and enjoy content sharing experience! ”

And if being kinder to yourself seems far-fetched, just remember: Clara has grown not just followers, but a community millionsjust by staying true to your experience and advocating selfishness. So what will your niche be?

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