Clayton Echard reveals Minefields during his season

Clayton Echard announced Bachelor for some time. While Bachelor Nation is still struggling to come to terms with his casting, the new protagonist goes out of his way to convince fans that he was a good choice, despite the fact that his dramatic teaser for the season tells us otherwise.

Clayton, former season contestant Michelle Young hen-party he had virtually no screen time, so fans had no way to learn more about him. A teaser trailer for his season (which will premiere in the new year) has recently been released and he follows him on his “journey” in search of love, which seems to be quite successful because in the final moments Clayton confessed that he was in love with three women and has been close with two of them.


This fact calls for drama, perhaps unlike anything else. Bachelor seen before. In a new interview with Access to Hollywood, Echard explained that he went through dramatic minefields during his season.

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Clayton’s season is rife with drama

Echard was destroyed surprisingly early during hen-party, and was unable to establish a deep connection with Michelle. Bachelor was new to him and had no “previous experience” to help him prepare for what was happening on ABC’s reality show.

Speaking with Access to Hollywood, Bachelor said, “I had no previous experience that I could ever learn that would even prepare me for these moments.”

Echard also likened his journey to walking through a minefield. “More than a few times I found myself walking into a minefield … I thought,” Oh, I didn’t know I was stuck on a bomb. “

He continued by saying that when so many people live in the same house together, drama is inevitable. Despite the many difficulties in finding love, Clayton is sure that he tried his best – even that meant losing some battles.

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“I tried my best to navigate all of this, but perhaps along the way I stumbled upon a few land mines,” he admitted.

Echard also discussed his reactions to falling in love with three women, despite promising himself that he would not.

“When I first went on a trip, I thought, ‘I will not fall in love with more than one woman.’ … I definitely put my foot in my mouth, ”he said, describing that he was“ shocked ”by the connections he made.

Bachelor It will premiere on ABC on January 3, 2022.

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