Clinique’s 1970s Black Honey Lipstick is Selling Out Everywhere Thanks To TikTok

If you were a kid in your nineties and were interested in your mother’s make-up bag, chances are you’re familiar with it. Clinic’s ‘Black Honey’ Lipstick, Who is currently enjoying a Great Thanks for the restoration of so many tick tock influencers.

The suit – the shadow of each one, recently discovered by many General Zeders – is actually 1971 – although the sheer and dirty most lipstick formula we know today was launched in 1989, so ninety Memories of the decade.

Clinic £ 18.50 cult script. After the shadow went viral on TalkTalk, its new reputation has sold well in retailers, including the brand’s own website.

The hashtag #cliniqueblackhoney has received 15.8 million views on the video sharing app (and counting). Its appeal? A soft and nourishing formula that isn’t too shiny is not enough lipstick – with a flattering berry shade that only gives the cut color.

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Tick ​​Tocker and former retail makeup artist Mikayla Nogera told her 7.5 million followers: “Listen, I won’t lie to you – I was completely taken aback when it went viral. Sell ​​at least one day while I’ve been working there, because it’s been decades, and it’s the clinic’s favorite and cult classic.

“So when I saw it go viral on TickTalk, I said, ‘What happened!’ I’m going to be completely honest, the population that buys it is usually an adult woman, so it’s very interesting for me to see young women being used to tick tock. “

In fact, Black Honey’s appeal is so entrenched that it caters to everyone. An early example of a really inclusive shade, it adapts to the wearer’s natural lip color and enhances what is already there.

Another creator, ographygeographyj, said: “Friends, I’m literally going to cry right now … If you’re a brown girl, you should go now.

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“I’ve had a hard time finding a lip color that’s just sheer and moisturizing and it works for people with two toned lips, or brown lips or pink lips. Go out and find it, Black Honey through the clinic, that’s great. “

Described by the brand. As a ‘black lipstick tortoise’, this is an important definition of makeup. * Adds itself to the waiting list * …

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