Cloverfield Fans Just Received Surprising Exciting News

According to an exclusive report released by Term On the morning of September 23, 2022, Paramount is now in the process of developing the fourth Cloverfield movie. There is currently no word on the content of this sequel, so it remains to be seen whether the film will be a direct continuation of the events of one of its predecessors or tell another standalone story set in the Cloverfield universe.

The only real concrete information available about this new sequel is the creative team behind it. JJ Abrams, whose company Bad Robot Productions has produced every previous film, returns with a production team including Matt Reeves, Hannah Minghella, John Cohen, Brian Burke and Drew Goddard. Meanwhile, Joe Barton becomes his screenwriter. Barton’s past work includes writing the 2021 Amazon original The Encounter and producing the Netflix drama Geary/Haji. Finally, Babak Anwari is directing the upcoming Cloverfield sequel. Anvari in the past he has mainly directed horror films, including In the Shadows, Wounds and I Came By.

Since this new Cloverfield movie appears to be in early production, it may be a while before fans know more about its development.

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