Clueless Director Recalls First Impression of Brittany Murphy

When Britney Murphy Auditioned for Tai’s part. UnawareShe immediately stood out from the crowd.

“We saw a lot of people for Tai, and I felt like everyone was doing it the opposite of what they were feeling. Amy Hackerling, Remembered in the new HBO Max documentary. What happened, Britney Murphy?. “She just felt like a sweet girl who didn’t fit in with others and was just trying and looking good but, like, lost in this world and that’s exactly what I was looking for.”

Of course, Murphy got the hang of it. The 1995 film was a huge success and ended as a breakout roll for the star. Murphy has acted in many other films, including. Girl, obstacle., 8 miles, Bus. married And Up Town Girls.. He also worked as a voiceover for a TV show. King of the hill.

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