Clues That Have Fans Rolling in the Deep Over Adele’s Rumored Album

Adel Has set the Internet on fire.

Grammy-winning singer on Monday, October 4. Sent fans into a frenzy About a year later, she returned to Twitter with her first post. It contained only two words from Adeel. Start spinning each one in depth.“Shame on you babes!” That’s all Written.

Although the English star’s message was short and sweet, the timing of her tweet was interesting. Just hours before posting, the “Hello” musician changed the image and background on their social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. It had a blue background in its new form.

This subtle, yet amazing change made the audience speculate. Adele is releasing a new album soon..

In fact, over the weekend, Twitter users. Shared photos Billboards numbered ’30’ worldwide. Guess what color the posters were – exactly the shade of blue that the singer has spread on her social media.

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