Cobra Kai Season 5 Confirms Stunning Power Difference Between Daniel LaRusso and Terry Silver

In episode 5, Daniel returns to Stingray’s (Paul Walter Houser) house to make amends for threatening him and breaking his PlayStation 5. However, Terry has found out about Daniel’s exploits and waits in an empty house. After a tense standoff, they finally get into a fight and the audience will find out if Daniel can beat Terry Silver. Unfortunately for Daniel, the answer is no. He can not. Generally.

Just as Terry systematically ruined all of Daniel’s elaborate plans, he now beats Miyagi-do sensei with great ease, sending Daniel flying with powerful punches and almost gleefully blocking most of the young man’s attempts to attack. Of course, this is not a completely flawless victory, and Daniel is in an extremely disheveled state during the fight, which undoubtedly affects his game. However, a crushing loss is a crushing loss.

Daniel eventually gets a rematch in episode 10 and manages to defeat Terry – nothing short of a crane strike. However, Terry is at a significant disadvantage this time around as Daniel comes fresh and Terry has already lost six times to Chosen on Sunday. As such, it remains unclear how the fight between Daniel and Terry will go if the playing field is truly even… but judging by the fight in Episode 5, the odds are definitely not in Daniel’s favor.

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