Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 2 Finally Reveals Terry Silver’s Master Plan

Ever since The Karate Kid Part 3, it’s been clear that Terry Silver has always seen a bigger and more extravagant picture than his former business partner, John Kreese (Martin Cove). When the latter was looking for simple revenge, Silver offered to fake his own death to get it. That’s how wild this guy was and always has been. It’s no surprise, then, that Kreese’s former mentor Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) (seemingly dropped out of the spotlight) had plans to expand on a global scale.

Yes, as revealed already in Episode 2 of Season 5, Silver is watching over the world in regards to his Cobra Kai kingdom. Cartoony in its intrigue? Definitely, but it’s perfect for a former toxic waste manager. No longer tied to Kriz’s little vision, Silver goes to great lengths to see his goal come true, not caring about keeping the family name alive, but rather about the dojo he helped build and his determination to fill it. The only question is, will he be able to succeed at all after recent events and the final battle that brought shame to Kai’s Cobra and everyone involved in it?

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