Cobra Kai Season 5 gives us a glimpse into Johnny’s surprising work history

Since Johnny has a car, Shannon comes up with the idea to set up a mobility service like DoorDash for Johnny. Meanwhile, this man himself continues his many years of impressive ignorance of most of the technological and social advances since the 1980s, having absolutely no idea about the entire mobility as a service industry. During this conversation, we learn a surprising little fact about Johnny’s patchwork work history, as he explicitly hints that he worked as a stripper after school.

Johnny’s experience in this particular job was obviously far from glamorous, as he quit after growing tired of the wandering hands of clients. However, although he seems to think that the job Shannon hires him for is a stripper on the road or even an escort, he still agrees without hesitation. “I never thought I would live,” he laments briefly, before fully resigning himself to his fate.

Of course, Cobra Kai is a family show, and Johnny’s new job of hauling food and scaring customers turns out to be a lot less exotic than he obviously intended. However, this short dialogue shows that even after five seasons of Cobra Kai, the character is full of surprises.

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