Cobra Kai Season 5 just introduced the biggest tournament in the series

The fifth season of Cobra Kai features an international tournament called Sekai Taikai. Sekai Taikai gathers martial artists from all over the world and arranges a tournament for them to determine the world’s greatest fighter.

Naturally, the head sensei of Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do are interested in qualifying for the tournament. During episode 8 of season 5, tournament officials show up to watch members of both dojos spar. But it’s not a fair fight for Daniel LaRusso and the kids in Miyagi-Do. Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) paid one of the judges, so the Cobra Kai athletes are at a disadvantage: their points are underestimated and their punches are ignored. The match between Kenny Payne (Dallas Dupree Young) and Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz (Jacob Bertrand) ends when Kenny knocks Hawk down with the Silver Punch. All of Miyagi-Do’s chances come down to Sam LaRusso (Mary Mauser) completely defeating Cobra’s new sidekick Kai Devon Lee (Oona O’Brien) after Tory Nichols (Peyton List) fails to arrive for their match. The end result is that both dojos are eligible for the competition.

With John Kreese (Martin Cove) out of jail and both dojos ready to fight in the tournament, Sekai Taikai could prove to be the decisive battleground for escalating tensions. However, given the international nature of the tournament, it’s hard to say what outside forces could damage one (or both) of the dojos. We can only hope Cobra Kai gets the green light for Season 6 so we can find out.

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